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Florida State recruiting: Florida State meeting need at running back

Visit our National Signing Day hub for updates on all of the Seminoles recruiting.

Dalvin Cook
Dalvin Cook
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tomahahawk Nation will be reviewing each position of Florida State's recruiting as National Signing Day approaches. We realize that for some, this information is already known. But others only follow recruiting around National Signing Day, and for those Florida State fans, it should be pretty useful. Wednesday, the focus is on running backs.

Florida State Recruit Position Breakdowns (updated live): Quarterback Running Back Wide Receiver Tight End Offensive Line Defensive Line Linebacker Defensive Back


With James Wilder Jr. and Devonta Freeman turning pro, FSU needed to bring in two running backs, which would give them five in 2014, and at least four in 2015.

The haul

Florida State did hold a commitment from four-star Joseph Yearby, of Miami (Fla.) Central for quite a while, but Yearby flipped to Miami after offensive coordinator James Coley left FSU for Miami.

Jonathan "Jay" Vickers

Jonathan Vickers was the first back to come aboard on July 19. Vickers is not a mega recruit, but he is a promising player who catches the ball fairly well and could be used some in the Lonnie Pryor role if he puts on 20 or so pounds. Out of Tallahassee (Fla.) North Florida Christian, Vickers also holds offers from Clemson, Georgia Tech, Cal, Ole Miss, Stanford, TCU and Wisconsin. He is considered one of the best 35 or so running backs in the country, and that feels about right. He checks in at about 5'11, 215. Vickers might not have the superstar potential of some, but he could provide some really good depth.

Dalvin Cook

The other back came quite a few months later: Dalvin Cook. Out of Miami (Fla.) Central, Cook committed to Clemson on June 13, 2012, then flipped to Florida on April 6, 2013. He finally flipped to Florida State on December 31, a move that many expected for weeks. Cook was recruited by Tim Brewster, FSU's tight ends coach and Miami recruiter. He is enrolled at Florida State, one of five Seminoles to enroll early, which means his flipping is officially over.

Cook is a special back. When he committed to Clemson more than a year ago, many compared him to C.J. Spiller. And that comparison is actually very good. Cook is not the most instinctive runner, but like Spiller, when he has a crease, his explosion through it is ridiculous. He will break multiple big runs in his college career. He has some shake to him, and at 5'11 and 195 pounds, he can eventually play north of 200 and handle 15-20 carries per game if he were called upon to do so. Cook is rated five-stars by pretty much everyone, and is widely considered one of the four or five best running backs in the country. Cook is the highest rated running back recruit ever signed by Jimbo Fsher at Florida State, narrowly edging out James Wilder, Jr.

Coach Brewster compared him to Ladanian Tomlinson, a player he coached in the NFL.

I think Cook will play a decent amount as a freshman, though I am not sure how much of that will come before garbage time. I am not sure how much Vickers will play.

This is exactly what Florida State needed to get in the 2014 class, both in terms of number and talent.