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Rashad Greene at Florida State BCS Media Day: Receiver eager to play Auburn

Obviously, some of the answers do not make much sense because the transcript does not include all of the questions.

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When you take a look at what lies ahead for you offensively, will you expect more of what we have seen the first 13 games? You can always expect more. We have had a lot of time to prepare. We got a lot of stuff done. So we're going to have our execution down out there.

When I say Jameis Winston, what do you say? Funny guy. But a special player, I love him to death, he's a great person, a great quarterback, a great all around, just a great guy, all around.

You're basically one of three guys that are constantly calling for the ball. All three of you will demand to be fed. In the hunt, who has the best convincing argument why the rock should go to him? We don't have arguments in the huddle about who gets the ball. We're all - we all run our routes every play. We never know when the ball is coming. We just do our job getting open.

When you look at Jameis Winston as a coach, let me ask you this: Is there a particular kind of ball or particular style that you like? No, when I'm breaking out of my cut, the ball is already over the field. So, it gets there before the defender even gets a break on it. And that's what I really like about his ball. They're very precise.

If you had to go across the middle or down in the quarter of the end zone, which one would you be after? I'll take the six in the end zone.

(No microphone.) I feel like what makes him different is that his personality is a lot different than the past quarterbacks. He's a funny guy, a fun person to be around, and he wants to be around everyone and interact with every teammate possible. He's just more of a likeable guy. He's more of a laid back person. Jameis, his personality is laid back. He brings that out on the field, his leadership and stuff like that.

(No microphone.) I knew this was going to be a special season during camp. The way we were all hitting on all cylinders and playing together. I knew that it was something special.

(No microphone.) They have a great defense, a great secondary, they do what they do, what they're supposed to do. We expect them to come out and play hard and I know they expect us to come out and play hard.

(No microphone.) I feel like that the years before I'm a lot more vocal. I tell a lot of guys - I won't tell them what to do, but I kind of keep things in order. I even have to keep Jameis in order sometimes. But I feel like my role has grown, so, from year to year, so, but, the position coach has put me in, you know, that's what I wanted.

(No microphone.) I felt it in the first game. We were clicking. I don't think we dropped a pass that game. The running backs were doing well, the offensive line was blocking great, so I felt like we started out pretty good as far as that first game.

(No microphone.) It would mean a lot. It would mean all the hard work that we put in has paid off and that's what we set out to get was a national championship.

(No microphone.) Yes, we are the trio.

(No microphone.) You got - we call him Can't Quit. You got myself, RG 80, so that's the nicknames.

(No microphone.) He brings a lot to the table. You have different sizes, different speeds, quickness, so you got guys that can go up and get the ball, you got guys that can run past you, you got guys that can shake people and make them miss. You got everything you need from receivers. So whatever you need, you got here.

(No microphone.) We compete. Let the game come to us. After the game we congratulate each other when we're done. So I don't think we compete against each other, we just go out there and have fun.

(No microphone.) It's a great connection. A lot of us knew each other growing up in high school and some of us even played with each other, such as myself and Lamarcus. Those guys, they went to the same high school. And it's like a connection. I was so used to the trash talking and the type of football that's played in south Florida, we're all used to it. But in the heat of the games, the fast sequences, you know. To so it's great to be able to play with guys that you have known in high school and that you played with in high school.

What does it mean to the folks back home? It means a lot. I know a lot of the people back at home are proud of us and the things that we're accomplishing.

(No microphone.) We're more focused on ourselves, doing what we do best. And that's executing, moving the ball, making plays. So we only can control what we control. We're doing a great job of preparing for what they do. And what they do, they do a great job of it. So we want to go out there and just play our game.

(No microphone.) I don't think so. Boston College, early on, same with Florida, in the season, we struggled coming out, moving the ball, but we were able to stay focused and continue to trust in what we do, and believe in what we do and, actually ACC games, we didn't score before halftime. So we faced some adversity and we were able to overcome it and keep going.

(No microphone.) It means a lot. That's part of our goal is to win the state, win the conference, and win the national. So we have completed two, and we need to accomplish the third.

(No microphone.) It's very exciting. It's actually my first time coming to California. So I'm definitely excited to play out here in this great weather and what better people to play with?

(No microphone.) We didn't come out here to lose, so we definitely came out here prepared to win this game.

(No microphone.) I believe in that. I believe we are the best receivers in the country. Not saying that arrogantly, but we put a lot of hard work into it, and we just feel like we're getting what we deserve, what we put into it.

(No microphone.) It means a lot. I love those guys just like I love my own family. We have spent a lot of time together on and off the field. So those are just like brothers. So we are there for each other. They're definitely over to our house all the time, and I'm over to their house, so it's definitely a brother connection.

(No microphone.) We kind of do our own thing. They have Kenny, who listens to all his crazy music and myself, I like to be calm before the game and Kelvin gets ready in his own way. We don't really listen to a lot of music. But he definitely loves his music.

(No microphone.) Just the way - just how everyone bought in early on in the summer. The work we put in, the goals we set, how everybody just wanted to become one and really wanted to be in this position. We all worked so hard to get here that it's definitely worth it. We don't plan on coming up short this time.

(No microphone.) We welcome the coaches into our family. We were raised to adjust to whatever we needed to adjust to, and we bought into what the new coaches brought to the table, and they have bought into what we brought to the table as players.

We did a great job at making that connection early on, creating those relationships, on and off the field, with those new coaches. And it turned out great.

(No microphone.) You definitely hear those things, but that's not what we're focused on. We're focused on our season, taking it game by game. We trust in Jimbo, that he'll make the right decision for us and his family. So it's all about trust and we felt that.

(No microphone.) We don't joke about the first one getting there. We all plan on getting there. Kelvin's always making jokes about three thousand. Kenny always thinking three hundred. So he says three thousand, so we plan on getting a thousand yards a piece.

(No microphone.) We're going to do that with any of our young guys and any other players at all. We welcome them in, we make them feel comfortable with us. We bring them into our brotherhood and no one wants to get picked on, regardless of whether it's a joke or not, but we all welcome them in and we already know each other.

(No microphone.) No. No. We don't do any of that stuff.

(No microphone.) No, he's a fast player.

(No microphone.) We know that some coaches have experiences in this game, but at the end of the day, no, all of us realize that it's still a football game. So, it's still a hundred yards, it's still a ball, get out there, go catch it. It's still football. We're not going to make it bigger than what it is. So we go out there and do what we always been doing all year and that's executing our game plan.

(No microphone.) So we control what we can control. It's just doing what we have been doing all year.

(No microphone.) I haven't even heard it. So, that's my way of blocking it out. I don't listen to stuff like that that people on the outside are saying, because it's about us. We have done a great job all year at making it about us and not letting anyone else into our circle and we're going to continue to do that, regardless of what people say.

(No microphone.) Actually, he hurt me in camp. So I was out for like two days. But, I was able to make the first game. But, he definitely dislocated my finger on the ball, but that's all part of the game. Fingers get jammed, broken, dislocated, but it isn't about that.

(No microphone.) No, I just told him that, man, you tried to put me out for the season? You know and he said, no, but I know he didn't do it on purpose, so I was, I was fine.

(No microphone.) I'm going to be satisfied as long as we go out and play a hundred percent and play our football and get this done.

(No microphone.) Our motto is start fast. We do it in practice, we do it in games and that's what we want to do in this game. We want to start fast, we want to continue, and we want to finish strong.

(No microphone.) We were down in some games, and we were able to keep our composure and trust in what we do best. And our defense played great and then we needed to score.

So, we kept our composure and we executed. So, I feel that we'll do a great job, and I have trust in the coaches and my teammates.

(No microphone.) Sometimes, but I'm not really worried about that. I feel like I know what this team is about, so I'm a part of this team, and we know what we're about. The coaches know as well.

So, just like I said, it doesn't matter what the outside people think. It's about us and our circle and how we do things. We have done a great job of doing what we do best and it's got us this far. So I don't really care what the outsiders say.

(No microphone.) I feel like we haven't played our best game yet, where we have been hitting on all cylinders. So I feel like it's yet to come. And there's only one more to go, so.

(No microphone.) I don't feel like it's something he's doing recently. I feel like he's been doing it all season. I feel like his time has come. His time has come, and he's got the opportunity that all of us have. The opportunity is there, and we need to do a great job at finishing it.

So, he's done a great job at preparing all year and working on little things and little techniques and it's just paying off and his time has come. And I'm so proud of that guy.

(No microphone.) I'm proud of everyone else too, but we're definitely taking advantage of the time that we had off with preparing and getting our bodies right. And so we're definitely ready to go out there and play.

(No microphone.) This offense - I mean this defense does a great job at providing pressure, the DB's do a great job of getting their hands on you, and they play together, so they're a physical defense. They do everything together, they're well coached, so I feel like they do a great job at playing together.

(No microphone.) I feel like you'll see Monday.

(No microphone.) The more we do outside of football - the way that these seniors stepped up and got everyone to buy in, even the freshmen coming in, everyone's bought in and it's not about one person, it's about the team. And there's not one selfish person on this team. We all just want the same goals, and we have all been working hard for it.

(No microphone.) He's been doing a great job ever since I've been here. He's been coaching the same. So, guys are just starting to buy in and understanding what he's trying to do and believing in him a lot more each and every year.

(No microphone.) He's a great receiver. He's learning. He's learning from some great guys in front of him, and he's focused and he wants to learn. So that's something that you rarely see sometimes.

People that want to learn, a lot of times these guys come in and five stars and stuff, and they think that they know a lot, but when you get guys like those young freshmen that we have that want to learn, it's great.

(No microphone.) I see that they definitely have a great defense. Regardless of what the stats say. They create a lot of pressure. The guys are well coached, they're physical, they try to get their hands on you.

So we have to do a great job at not letting the DB's get both hands on us and just running through and controlling that line of scrimmage.

(No microphone.) Yeah, it's crazy, but it's great.

(No microphone.) I felt like he figured it out himself. And that's a great way to do it. When you figure it out yourself without anyone telling you, that's the best lesson. That's the best way to learn. And he understood what he needed to do and he did a great job at it.

(No microphone.) Yeah, I feel like he watches me and sees how I prepare and stuff like that. So, that's a great guy, and he's doing a hell of a job.

(No microphone.) We're very confident. Every game we feel like we have to come in with a chip on our shoulder. Regardless of who the opponent is, it's about us. It's about getting better, it's about competing, and it's about knowing how to have fun. And the only way we can do that is to have a chip on our shoulder and practice well and go out there every day.

What does it mean to be in this game? It means a lot. It's one of our goals that we set out. We accomplished two already, and we definitely want to accomplish the third.

Talk about Jameis. He's definitely surprised me sometimes. But he's a great kid. A great football player. Great all around person, I love him to death. I wouldn't trade him for any one in the world.

What makes him so great? Just the way he prepares and the way he studies and how bad he wants to be good. How bad he wants to get better every day. You don't see that a lot. He's just a great all around guy.

What's the difference between them? The only difference is their personality. E.J. is a great quarterback, he did a great job at preparing, a great job at studying, and I think that Jameis looked up to E.J. and took stock of E.J. and did what he did to prepare. And I feel like they both did the same things on the field, and they just have different personalities.

(No microphone.) Obviously, as far as we're playing with Jameis, being in the situation that we're in, headed to the National Championship.

(No microphone.) I don't think we have been overshadowed. We're not really worried about it. We're just going to focus on what we do and controlling what we can control.

Is there anything different in the preparations for Auburn? Their secondary hasn't been all that strong this year. Is there anything different now that you see? No, it hasn't been anything different. We didn't plan on changing anything. So why change the process?

(No microphone.) Start fast, execute, and playing hard and having fun. What we have been doing all year.

(No microphone.) Preparation has been great. So, I feel like it's been one of the best all year. So we're doing a great job at handling our business, handling the situation, and when it's time to prepare, we have done a great job and when it's time to have fun, we're doing a great job at having fun as well.

So we're definitely mature enough to handle our business and know there's a time and a place to do everything.

Thinking about stepping out on that field, what are you going to feel? What are your thoughts? Excitement, butterflies? Just imagining it now, seeing that crystal ball up there in the air, but we understand it. We're keeping our emotions in check, making sure that we don't come out too early. Just let it all come out on Monday.

(No microphone.) There's a lot of people in my life that sacrificed for me to be here, so - and it was out of love. Love is the reason for the fight. And I love my teammates, I love my coaches, and we all love each other. So that's an our team motto and a personal motto for myself is, love is the reason for the fight.

God is love. God is love.

(No microphone.) Shout out? Rashad Greene, the trio.

(No microphone.) It was decided before the Pittsburgh game - coach announced the starters. But, it was a hell of a battle between him and his fellow quarterback. They did a great job all camp competing and learning and getting the job done.

(No microphone.) Actually, I didn't have - I didn't know, because all the guys were doing so great. They all were doing wonderful things, so I didn't know.

(No microphone.) In the first game I was thinking that this guy - this is his first time playing college football and it's his time to step up and we need to help him and make him right.

If the ball is under thrown, make a way to go get it. If it's overthrown, make away to go get it. So he can be right, to build his confidence.

(No microphone.) He hasn't changed one bit. And that's something that he always told me. So he said, Rashad, I will never change, I will never change the person that I am today in the future. And he's kept to his word. He's never changed, he only got better.

(No microphone.) He only got better.

(No microphone.) I don't believe that. I don't believe that type of stuff. I feel like you control your own destiny. So, I feel like we have been controlling our destiny. And we have been preparing and working hard and doing what we're supposed to do, which is start fast, executing, finishing strong. So, I don't feel like someone just has an automatic - you control your own destiny.

(No microphone.) If it's a close game I feel like we will have it turn out the right way. We continue to believe in our coaches, we believe in ourselves, believe in the process, and we trust in our ability and the coaches that it will all work. And we have been doing a great job at that all year in trusting what we do and trusting what the coaches have coached us to do.

(No microphone.) What did I want to be when I was a kid? I always wanted to be a football player. I always wanted to make it to the NFL as a kid.

What do you think it takes to be a winner? It takes hard work and dedication. It takes a lot to be a winner. You can't do what regular people do. You have to do something that not a lot of people do to do what it takes to win. So, you have to be ready to do a lot of things that people don't regularly do.

(No microphone.) I'm the speed. It's about football and sports. It's definitely on my phone.

(No microphone.) I just want to keep myself calm before the game.

(No microphone.) It's a big help. He's definitely another guy that you have to worry about catching the ball and blocking as well. So he's another threat.

(No microphone.) Yes, I am.

Talk about that. I always liked to cook. My dad taught me how to cook. So on Sundays we will be together, and I'll cook a meal for some of the guys that come over. We just have fun.

Do you cook every Sunday? Mostly every Sunday.

What do you like to prepare? Something pretty simple for a lot of guys. So, I might cook like steak or something like that. Something not too hard, not too much pressure. I cook like pork chops or something like that.

(No microphone.) Yeah, he definitely likes my corn bread. I think he really likes it because it's kind of sweet.

What started that tradition? It was just one day I was just like man you can come over and eat. I'm going to cook today and it just started there.

(No microphone.) There's definitely the trio there. And Jameis and the offensive line, so it's only like five or six guys.

And it's always consistently the same guys? Yeah, it's always consistent.

(No microphone.) It's definitely a bond and that's just one of the ways that we get together and hang out with each other. But we're always around each other regardless of if it's in the house or out in public, we're always together.

What are the things you like to do? We just chill and watch TV and joke around, play cards or we might go to the mall. We don't do a lot of public stuff. But we're definitely always together.

(No microphone.) Yeah, we can't take Jameis anywhere without getting all the attention. We play Trump, blackjack, whatever. Shoot dice sometimes too.

Are there bragging rights on this? It depends on the team. It depends on whose on the team.

(No microphone.) Yes, he definitely doesn't have any swag. We had to help many him with all that stuff. Yeah. So we helped him out with that too.

How did that go? We had to take him to a Men's Warehouse to show him how to color coordinate and the shoes and stuff like that.

So it wasn't hard, because he's not a picky person, so it was easy picking him out a nice suit. But he definitely liked it.

With so many talented receivers on this team, do you ever feel like you don't get the ball enough times with all the great receivers? No, I don't feel like I don't get it enough times. It's just our job to run every route hard, every play and you never know who is going to get the ball. That's something we realized early on, you never know who is going to get the ball.

So just run your route hard. And when one of us catches the ball we're all so happy and thankful to be a part of such a good group.

Is there a friendly competition amongst yourselves? No, we haven't had any competition within ourselves. I think the more competition we have is who ran the fastest route, and who can go get the furthest ball and stuff like that.

(No microphone.) I think Kelvin has the best hands because they're so big. I told him, man your hands are like bigger than my own head. So he definitely has the biggest hands. So I feel like - but all of us have good hands, but he just has big hands.

Who is the fastest? I'm definitely the fastest. Kenny is the quickest, so Kelvin, he has the height, so he can jump.

(No microphone.) Actually, I don't think I can say. I was thinking Georgia in the beginning, so I definitely - I wouldn't say I was scared away from it, but I wasn't looking for that.

(No microphone.) The opportunity. The coaches, I definitely bought into what they were trying to do. And they asked me did I want to be a leader? And I definitely wanted to be one of the leaders in building something like this and here we are today.

(No microphone.) Yeah, it's definitely - I definitely don't want to knock Georgia football. They have a lot of great athletes and great guys in college football today.

(No microphone.) I don't think I have. No.

(No microphone.) I definitely feel like the way we play, we're definitely going to have to make big plays to win this game. But I feel like it's more about controlling that line of scrimmage. Our line, they do a great job and they have been all year. They have always made those big plays all year.

(No microphone.) The way he prepares. He prepares great. Second to none. He definitely -- one of our mottos is to win the game in practice. And that's how we prepare. We prepare the right way, like it's a game, and we do a great job of that and Jameis does a great job of that.

And watching film and all the mistakes so he never makes the same mistake twice.

(No microphone.) We have to do a great job of ripping through the line and getting through their defense. We watched that on film. But we definitely worry more about our film than them.

(No microphone.) His accuracy is very good. A young quarterback like that, it's hard for a DB to break for the ball once it's already in the air and once I break out of my cut. So he's breaking off of my cut and the ball's already thrown and it's there and there's no time to get to it.

(No microphone.) I would say me and him, we went to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica and downtown L.A. and we have seen all the great sights and stuff. So that was fun. I liked going up to Beverly Hills and seeing all the dream houses that we want to have one day.


(No microphone.) I think people have overlooked the adversity that we have faced. Boston College we were down, we didn't score in the first quarter, we were getting stopped. And Duke, we didn't score in the first half.

You know, those are games that we faced adversity and we were able to overcome. But I guess the fact that they look at the scoreboard and just see how it was a blowout, that we didn't overcome adversity. But if you watch the whole game you knew there was a time when we wasn't strong, we wasn't executing, and we were getting stopped. But we were able to trust in the coaches, trust in ourselves and believe in the process and we were able to overcome.

So I feel like a lot of people overlook what we have been through and because of the scoreboard - and that's something that we don't even look at is the scoreboard. We don't worry about the scoreboard, we just control what we can control and focus on executing one play at a time.

(No microphone.) We definitely are not really thinking about it now until after the game. After we play this game and show everybody that it's not our conference, it's not our schedule, that we are really a great team.

Did you watch the game last night and what did you think? I didn't catch some of it. I was hanging out with my teammates and that - but I actually heard about it and I heard it was a great game. There was a lot of scoring going on.

Does that validate you guys? Exactly. It shows that a lot of people, a lot of people say the ACC is not a strong conference, but we have been doing a great job like Clemson, and even Duke, was able to take on Texas A and M. So, it's not about the conference, it's about the team.

(No microphone.) Yes, we are definitely the best receiving corps in the country.

(No microphone.) Duke. I like their guys.

(No microphone.) It's definitely the different combinations and the different match ups that we can create. And each one of us can play outside/inside, so we all have great speed, quickness. We have height.

So we all bring so much to the table that it's hard to double cover any one of us. And if you do, you have two others that can do the same things.

(No microphone.) It's definitely nice like - that where you have to be doing the things you need to do. You do have to fight through and stuff like that. But we have two other guys, so you're not really focused on it, we're just so focused on winning the game and not our individual specifics. So it doesn't even matter.

(No microphone.) I don't know him at all. Actually, I met him. He actually came up, I think our freshman year, and visited with us. So, yeah, I met him.

(No microphone.) Coach Clay was funny. He's definitely a funny guy. But he's always measuring the receivers and telling us that we wasn't running or something like that. But he's a great guy, a great coach, so I know Jameis loves him to death. But that's about all the memories I have, because he wasn't my position coach.

(No microphone.) I feel like we have no weaknesses. I think weakness is a state of mind and as long as we believe we don't have a weakness, we won't have a weakness. So I feel like we have everything that a team needs to have to win.

(No microphone.) I think that they have a great defensive line that creates pressure. I feel like they have some good linebackers and DB's. They're big strong guys. So we respect them and that's why we're preparing the way we're preparing.

(No microphone.) Just make sure that don't get stopped in between routes. Don't let the guys put too much of their hands on you. So we got to be able to be physical, get through those DB's.

(No microphone.) I feel like the first game that we said we're not losing this year. After that first game I heard a lot of players say we're not losing this year, we're going Pasadena. And I heard that early on and the fact that everyone was so willing to put in the work and fight so hard to be in this position it just shows you that we all bought into what Coach Fisher is trying to did and what we're trying to do as a team.

(No microphone.) He doesn't have a preference of what he likes to be called. I think he likes Jimbo or Coach Fisher, but he sees us - he likes to have fun.

(No microphone.) Everyone here is respectful and he knows that we respect him. So I feel like things like his name doesn't bother what we call him or not.

(No microphone.) He's definitely a guy that's big on preparing and big on getting things done the right way, so if you're slacking off he's definitely going to get on you and that's what you want as a coach. You want someone to get on you and tell you what you're doing right or wrong and not always be your friend, be someone that -- he wants what's best for your future. So you need that tough love sometimes.

(No microphone.) Yeah. Yeah. There's not a lot of tension. We're grown men and that's the way we prepare.

(No microphone.) He's had an a great attitude all year, so he's been very consistent at preparing and we're very big on preparing, very big on getting things right and getting them done the right way. And he has a great attitude in meetings and our team has done a great job at rising to what Jimbo said and following behind the real leaders.

(No microphone.) Incredible.

(No microphone.) The tempo. It's like a game. I think I spend more time in practice than I do in the game. The amount of pressure our defense creates and how fast we go and going against those guys, it's just like a game, so.

(No microphone.) I wouldn't say it's more of a challenge. We definitely do our job at picking our defense apart. So it's definitely competition every day going against those guys. All those guys.

What are some specific drills you do? We do the two minute drill, we do blitz drills.

What is that? It's like a blitz period that shows all type of blitz packages that we may need to make slight adjustments do, where they bring pressure, things like that. So we do, everything we do, we do it against our defense. It's all together, our defense.

How often do you do the two minute drill? We do that every Thursday.

(No microphone.) It depends on the situation. One day you might have 1:40 on the clock and you're on the 20 yard line and you need to move the ball and get out of bounds and stuff like that. It's different situations.

(No microphone.) We haven't done it out here yet. But I'm pretty sure we'll do it today.

(No microphone.) It felt good. We have done a great job at preparing, the same way we have been doing all year. Even better now. So I feel like a lot of guys are there and when we're getting ready for this game, the time is coming up and we're preparing the right way and doing what we need to do.

(No microphone.) It helps a lot. So knowing and trusting that they have been in this position, so we trust what they're saying and trusting the coaches and that's been carrying us all year, so just trusting in our coaches, trusting in ourselves and trusting in the process all year. And if we believe in that, that's got us through a lot of games, a lot of adversity, so we definitely are using that as an advantage that most of our coaches have used it as an advantage.

(No microphone.) He's definitely a big quarterback. He has a strong arm. He can run, he can use his legs and he's a smart guy. He has a pinpoint ball. He's a great quarterback.

(No microphone.) Yeah. He's definitely a student of the game.

Do you have any memories of any practice moment that is stand out? When he was in practice he was always doing good. In camp he was always doing good. He was always competing, always trying to get better. So that's what he's all about.

(No microphone.) Just continue doing what we have always been doing. Preparing well, first of all, preparing the right things, going out there, executing, understanding what we're going against. We have been doing a great job at film studying and understanding what they like to do best and working on our routes and staying fast.

(No microphone.) They do a great job at keeping people in front of them. So I feel like we're going to have to do a great job of breaking through the shoulder and getting through those arm bars and stuff like that.

(No microphone.) Being in this situation doesn't mean that you're going to win. You control your own destiny of how you prepare and how you play and how you get things done. So I don't believe that anyone is destined to win, it's how you go about your business.

(No microphone.) We're going to do it the way we have been doing it all year, playing fast, executing, just going out there and being physical and getting the job done.

(No microphone.) We have been doing a great job at preparing. First of all we started back with the fundamentals on getting into releases and how to get by the DB's and we have been going against our defense. But we have been working on the fundamental things. We have a game plan and we have been doing film studying and we understand Auburn and what they do best and stuff like that. So we have been doing a great job at preparing.

(No microphone.) Just the way he came out there and just let it loose. He wasn't up tight, he just played the game. And he had fun with it. He wants to win, but he also wants to have fun and enjoy it. And everyone wants to do that playing football. And even at a young age he's always done that.

(No microphone.) It was definitely during the spring. The way we went out there for practice, with everyone wanting to go out there and get better. It showed a lot. And it carried over into the summer into camp.

(No microphone.) It didn't even bother us. We were still focused on what was at hand, which was taking every game one day at a time, practice one day at a time, and trying to reach our goals. We accomplished two goals, which is state champions and conference champions, but we have our last one that we need to accomplish. And everyone is focused on those goals and that was great. We stood together as a team.

(No microphone.) We continue to do what we have always been doing. We were always behind him even before any off the field issues, we were always together, we were always building that bond. So nothing changed, we just got tighter.

When you take the field in this game who are the leaders that you're going to need to lead this team to a win?Our team is our leadership. So we are looking for everyone to play their part, to play their role, and do the best that they can do it.

This is a really tight knit group. How important is that and how important is your trust in a guy like Jameis in a game like this? Trust is everything. We definitely trust everyone whose in a position to make plays or do their job. And if we don't have trust, we don't have anything. So it's our job to trust everyone and believe in the process that we're going through and preparing and stuff like that. So we trust everyone on this team and on this staff.

(No microphone.) Because of the way we prepare. We go out there and prepare like no one other, no one other. That's why Floyd can't be beat. We go out there and we're confident and we just let it all show. That's the way he prepares, that's the way we prepare.