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Florida State's Tim Brewster on recruiting Dalvin Cook

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I had a chance to speak with Florida State coach Tim Brewster during Florida State's session at BCS Media Day. We spoke about a number of topics, including Dalvin Cook, the five-star running back who is soon set to enroll at Florida State this week. Cook flipped his commitment from Florida to FSU in late December. Brewster was his main recruiter, as he covers the Miami area in recruiting.

"Dalvin and I had a unique relationship. A very close relationship. We've always communicated extremely well," Brewster said. "Once Dalvin made his official visit (October 25), from that point forward, I felt very good about him being a Seminole."

Brewster is a big fan of Cook, a player some consider to be the best in the Sunshine State. He even compared him to one of the best NFL players of all time...

"I just think he is absolutely special. I wouldn't take another back in the country over Dalvin Cook. He's got size, he's got speed, he's got explosveness, he's one of the most natural runners," Brewster said. "I had three years with Ladanian Tomlinson, and I think he has a lot of the same skills as Ladanian. I think he has more top end speed than Ladanian. Ladanian was a little bit bigger, but not much. I think that Dalvin Cook is very, very quickly going to make his mark on college football. Hard nosed, tough kid, Smart, extremely smart, football makes sense to him."

Cook is a product of Miami (Fla.) Central, a school that has been good to Florida State's backfield in recent years, having produced Devonta Freeman, and a school that has won multiple titles in that span.

"You want to recruit winners," Brewster said of getting kids from Central. "You want to recruit kids who are used to winning. You have to recruit kids who love to win more than they hate to lose because of the habits that it takes."