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Florida State football, recruiting news 10/1

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Grant Halverson

-Let's kick off October with some news on a former Florida State football player that could make his way back onto the team in the future. Brendan Sonnone of the Orlando Sentinel writes that FSU hasn't closed the door on Greg Dent's potential return to the Noles. Dent was suspended in 2013 after being charged with sexual assault. That charge was reduced to a misdemeanor last week. I'm skeptical of his return but the possibility seems to be out there.

-Our very own Dustin Tackett is now doing some work with the Orlando Sentinel as well. Here is a great story he wrote on Nate Andrews stepping up into a leadership role for the FSU defense. Great read.

-More from Brendan Sonnone as he recaps the weekend for FSU in his notebook.

-Bill Connelly gives his study hall on the FSU/NC State game from this past weekend. Lots of really interesting stats and breakdowns from Bill. Excellent as always.

-Lots of good stats by David Hale on Florida State's performance this season. Hale always does a great job.

-Here is a statistical breakdown for the FSU/WF game this weekend from Wake Forest's SB Nation site, Blogger So Dear. Wake's offense is horrendous, absolutely terrible. Their defense on the other hand is respectable and will give Winston and the FSU offense a good test, especially in their secondary. Take a look at the stats.