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Florida State football: Wake Forest offense historically bad

I was going through some stats for Wake Forest on in preparation for our FSU preview, and, um, wow. Wake has played four FBS teams: Louisiana Monroe, Utah State, Army and Louisville.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

-Wake Forest is averaging just 3.12 yards/play against FBS teams. To put this in perspective, the next worst Power 5 conference team is Purdue, at 4.09, 31 percent better! This is 35 percent worse than any ACC offense has gained since 2007.

-Wake Forest is dead last among Power 5 conference teams in first downs against FBS teams with just 12 per game.

-Wake Forest is averaging 0.48 yards/carry against FBS opponents. Yes, less than half a yard! But that's not completely fair, because Wake Forest has allowed 158 yards of negative yards thanks to 21 sacks in only four FBS games, and college stats count sacks as negative rushing yards.

-Wake's running backs, against FBS teams (Louisiana Monroe, Utah State, Army and Louisville) have gone for 184 yards on 65 carries, which is good for 2.83 yards/carry.

-Freshman John Wolford, against FBS teams, is 76-141 for 714 yards. That's 5.1 yards/attempt. Wolford is so far below the top 100, that he doesn't even register when you sort through the national guys.

-Wake Forest has only converted 15 of 58 third downs against FBS competition.

-Wake Forest is the only FBS team to not have a play of 40 yards or more.

-Wake Forest averages less than 10  plays of 10+ yards against FBS opponents.

-Wake Forest has only 10 plays of 20+ yards in four games against FBS opponents.

-Wake is allowing more than 10 tackles for loss per FBS game. 10!

-Wake Forest has scored only five touchdowns on offense in four FBS games.

Jimbo Fisher, however, was very nice about Wake's offense ...