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Florida State football: Noles by the numbers

Box score available here.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some interesting numbers from Florida State's 38-20 win over Syracuse.

5 of 8

Converting downs of 3rd and 6+. That's very good. A lot of teams struggle to convert third downs of any length at that rate.

11 of 16 1st down passes gained at least 8 yards

Hello, perimeter blocking.


FSU has scored at least 34 points in every game Jameis Winston has started.

74, 44, 65, 75, 79, 92

FSU's six scoring drives on the day.


First down runs of negative yards.

80% red zone touchdowns

4 of 5 is very good, pretty much regardless of opponent.


The combined amount of time FSU ran off the clock in drives that ended the first half and the game. Those drives gained only 44 yards on 10 plays. On all other drives, FSU rang up 436 yards on 62 plays, good for 7 yards/play, the worst allowed by the Syracuse defense all year.



Snaps by Derrick Mitchell, the new starting nose guard who is still out after injuring his leg against NC State. He began the year as the backup to Nile Lawrence-Stample, who tore his pec against Clemson.


Tackles recorded by defensive end Chris Casher, who is listed as having played on the participation report, but who I did not notice.


Percentage of Syracuse's four red zone trips that resulted in touchdowns. FSU continues to play excellent, and perhaps a bit unsustainable defense in the red zone, allowing touchdowns on only 8 of 23 drives by opposing Power 5 teams. This, perhaps more than any aspect, won FSU the Clemson game.


Interceptions by FSU's defense Saturday, which is more than it had in the previous five games combined (2).


Yards/play allowed by the defense to Syracuse. Not a good number, at all, particularly not without its starting QB and a new OC (though perhaps this does call into question how good the former player and coach were?). Notre Dame (6.31) and Maryland (7.46) allowed more.


Conversions allowed on 3rd down & 5+ passing plays. Sacks don't concern me much, but FSU needs to do a better job of making the QB throw the football before he wants to. Cuse did a good job of getting right to the sticks (conversions of 5, 6, 7), but FSU needs to improve in this area.

Special teams


Special teams turnover, thanks to a fumbled punt. These almost always result in a huge swing in field position.


Cason Beatty's average on his two punts, neither of which were returned.

Field position

Florida State's average starting field position was its 25, while Syracuse's was its own 35. That's a pretty big difference when you consider that Syracuse had 11 drives, meaning there was about 110 hidden yards in Syracuse's favor.