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Florida State football: Jimbo Fisher teleconference

Transcript courtesy asap sports.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

COACH FISHER: Very proud of our team going to Syracuse, which was always a very tough place to play, pulling out a victory. Defense played tremendous in our red zone, tight zone, created three huge turnovers, two in the red zone, which was very critical in the game. Did a great job offensively. Extremely efficient. Jameis was really efficient. Rashad Greene had a typical Rashad game. Nick O'Leary was outstanding. We had a young freshman back, Dalvin Cook, ran extremely well. We played really well on offense. Scored four out of five touchdowns in the red zone. Very good on third down and moved the ball well on the day. It was a very good win, hard-fought win. Syracuse played very physical and tough. Looking forward to an outstanding game against Notre Dame. The have an outstanding team. Coach Kelly, those guys have those guys playing extremely well. Very dynamic on offense. Big plays at wideout and quarterback. Their backs run the ball very fast. Big offensive line. Good tight ends. Multiple looks. Can bring pressure at different angles, different places. I think we will play a lot of zone, drop coverages also. Very multiple there in the kicking game. Should be an outstanding game and looking forward to the challenge. Questions, please.

Q. Talk about Notre Dame's defense. What do you see on film? Are they like the Clemson defense you played a couple weeks ago?

COACH FISHER: In what regard?

Q. They're swarming the football, pressuring the quarterback, laying havoc all over the field.

COACH FISHER: A lot of multiple looks, a lot of blitz packages. They'll be in five DB, six DB, seven DB, three down guys, four down guys, a lot of multiple fronts. They cover very well. They get to the football. They've done an excellent job on defense.

Q. Talk about the running game, how is it going since that bad game against Clemson?

COACH FISHER: For us, very well. We ran the ball extremely well. We had 160 last game. One on a fumble we lost. Ran for 180 some yards. Extremely efficient. Dalvin Cook ran for 123 as a freshman. Mario Pender was having an excellent game, got injured. Had 50 yards, had a nice touchdown run. I thought we ran the ball extremely well in those games, have been running it very well since.

Q. On Monday you were pretty critical of the media coverage not only of Winston but all the other issues surrounding that case. Can you be specific what you meant?

COACH FISHER: We're moving on to Notre Dame. That press conference is over. We're getting focused on this game. We're moving forward. That's where our focus and concentration is right now.

Q. Could you at least answer whether you think --

COACH FISHER: We're moving on to Notre Dame. We're getting ready for this game. We have a great game, a great opportunity. That's the direction in which we're moving.

You're not going to answer as to whether you think you are the object of a media witch-hunt?

COACH FISHER: We're moving on to Notre Dame. We have a great game this weekend. We're getting ready to prepare for that game. That's where our sole focus and concentration is.

Q. Are you at a point where you might discourage your players from signing memorabilia? How big a concern is it to you where some of those things they sign might end up?

COACH FISHER: It's a factor that's becoming a factor across the country nationwide. I think it's something that the NCAA has to look at, how we do things. We'll have to evaluate our policies the future. But you don't want to take away from the great fan base, the kids, all those things are meant for. You have to evaluate and look at the situation in the near future.

Q. Coach, obviously with everything going on, your focus is on Notre Dame and moving forward. How have you seen the team in the locker room, in practice, how have they come together in a situation like this? How have you seen the team respond to Winston, his leadership?

COACH FISHER: Been excellent. We had an excellent practice. This is a very tight-knit group of guys. That's how they respond. They compartmentalize things, practice, do things like they should do. They're presented with whatever they have to do at that present time, done an excellent job. Our team is a very tight-knit, very close, family-oriented group.

Q. As far as this matchup with Notre Dame, obviously you talked a little bit about what they can do, how good they've been. What can you see you've keyed in on the most when you're looking at film? What are some of those areas you have tried to focus on with your team?

COACH FISHER: I mean, I think their areas of expertise. Like I say, on defense you have to be very aware of where their players are. They have personnel groups and move people in a lot of different places to present different blitz problems, pickup problems, coverage problems. You have to be very aware of personnel, where they're at all times on defense. I think offensively where their play-makers are, their quarterback. Obviously you have to contain him. At the same time you have to pressure him. That's a very tough task. He's a tremendous leader, tremendous player. Have very dynamic skill guys, good up front, great scheme. Coach Kelly, Coach VanGorder have done a great job on both sides. From all aspects, you're going to have to play a complete game be very attention to detail oriented, everything you do, make sure you're very technique sound.

Q. I know each win is important for you to reach your goals. Does this game carry a little bit more weight because this might be a last ranked team you face this season, whereas Notre Dame has opportunities to play a couple more ranked teams down the road?

COACH FISHER: I mean, could be. Anytime you play a high-ranked opponent you want to be successful because it gives you tons of credibility. There's no doubt about it. We don't look at it as an end-all game. It's a very important game. It's very critical to our season because it's the next game. We have to play bell well. We can't concern ourselves with those thoughts. We have to stay in the moment of just playing the game. It does carry weight because Notre Dame has had an excellent year and they have an excellent team.