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Florida State football: College Gameday signs for Notre Dame

Florida State again welcomed ESPN's College Gameday to Tallahassee Saturday in advance of the game against Notre Dame.

Fowler addresses crowd before Gameday

Before the show started, ESPN's Chris Fowler addressed the crowd, saying "If you thought we entered the sports realm to talk about autographs or suspensions, you are very wrong." He then added that the majority of the show will be focused on football, and that he thought a lot of the signs taken by ESPN should not have been taken.

Jimbo on Gameday

Coach Jimbo FIsher joined the set and was interviewed by Sam Ponder. Fisher again said that he bases his actions based on available facts, not speculation, and that if other facts come out (likely referencing the autograph situation, for which there is no allegation).

ESPN makes no effort to differentiate between Gurley and Winston investigations

Gurley, of course, was accused of taking money for autographs, while Winston has not been. ESPN made no mention of this, instead lumping the two together.


FSU fans turned out in force with some funny and interesting signs. Please put any others you see in the comment section.