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Florida State's indoor practice facility sheltering Seminoles from weather all year long

It's no mystery that the indoor practice facility has come in handy for the 'Noles, but just how many times has it helped protect them from the nasty weather in 2014?

Dustin Tackett

The Florida State Seminoles have battled inclement weather all year long, continuing to do so with the nature of the beast -- the thunderstorms in the lengthy state of Florida.

Since the beginning of spring football practice in May, the 'Noles have sheltered themselves inside their indoor practice facility on nine different occasions, by my count, utilizing it even further when trying to duplicate the crowd noise experienced inside opposing domes. This number could also be larger with the possibility of practices that were closed to the media having been moved inside as well.

The weather can change drastically in Florida -- as some of you may understand -- so the ability to change location without missing a second of preparation is key for the 'Noles and crucial to their success.

"It makes a difference," FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher explained after weather forced the team inside on August 21st. "You don't have to miss a beat -- you keep the rhythm, keep the same continuity of how you practice. You don't have to go stretch that's how a lot of injuries occur, you know. A guy gets loose and stretched out and then goes back in and he don't get stretched out again when he comes back out, it changes the mindset of the game."

On days like this, the indoor facility may not seem as important.

But days like this, in the middle of September, you can thank the football gods that FSU has this facility at its disposal.

It can't be overstated how important this has become for Florida State, as I can remember numerous practices being either canceled, shortened, delayed or moved inside to the turf room -- a room not big enough to host a typical practice -- before the facility was completed.

The accumulation of nine practices provided priceless time and preparation for a team that lost so many veterans to the NFL Draft and graduation earlier this year, and not a moment was lost.