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Florida State football, recruiting news 10/6

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John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

-Chris Hays of the Orlando Sentinel says that Lorenzo Featherston has made his mark early in his career for this Florida State defense. Featherston has been extremely impressive and has allowed the Seminole defense to be more flexible as a result of his early success.

-ESPN's Andrea Adelson tells us what she learned in the ACC after week six. I agree with her on the Noles as they have done exactly what many other teams have failed to do and that's win. Is it dominant? Not always, but that's not important. Look at all the teams that lost this weekend, they all have issues. FSU, has its own, but has won despite them.

-Blogger So Dear, Wake Forest's SB Nation site, give their thoughts on FSU's 43-3 win over the Deacons.

-Notre Dame visits Florida State in a few weeks, in what will be an awesome top five match-up. Five suspended Notre Dame players could be back for that game after their hearings all ended last week. Keep an eye on this situation.

-Clemson had an impressive 41-0 win over NC State on Saturday. Here is Shakin the Southland's thoughts on their win. The Tigers have a very good team and I'm extremely happy the Noles found a way to win that game against them a few weeks ago, because they aren't losing another game this season in my opinion.