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The last time Miami won a home game against Florida State ...

FSU travels to Miami having been victorious the last four trips down.


In September 2004, Jeff Bowden's Florida State offense featuring Chris Rix could not figure out a way to adjust to Miami repeatedly blitzing Antrelle Rolle off the edge. The Seminoles built a 10-0 lead without scoring an offensive touchdown, managed just 2.6 yards/play, and collapsed in the final minutes as Miami forced overtime. In overtime, the collapse continued, as Chris Rix fumbled a shotgun snap, and Frank Gore did the rest for the Canes, who won 16-10.

That was the last time Miami won a home game over the Seminoles. Since then, FSU has won in Miami's house 13-10, 41-39, 45-17 and 33-20.

Elsewhere in sports in September 2004...

-The Red Sox were still 18 days away from making the playoffs. They'd go on to win the World Series after an incredible comeback against the Yankees, down 3-0.

-Miami had yet to win its first ACC title. Oh, wait ... . The Hurricanes did, however, have a stadium to call their own.

-Alabama went 6-6 and finished the season with a loss to Minnesota in a bowl game. Tennessee finished 10-3 and ranked.

The No. 1 song ...

Evanescence won a grammy!

A really bad year for movies

Movies 2004

Hurricanes and Tsunamis!

Hurricane Charley destroyed parts of Southwest Florida as a Category 4 storm on August 14. A number of other named storms also hit the Sunshine State.  In December, the giant tsunami would devastate much of the coastline along the Indian ocean.

Jenn Sterger was not yet famous!

That would happen a year later.

Jameis Winston was just beginning the fifth grade

"I'm Rick James, Bitch"

People were still quoting Dave Chappelle a lot. It was annoying by this point.

World leaders, politics

-Yasser Arafat was still alive.

-The European Union added Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Malta and Cyprus.

-George W. Bush had not yet been re-elected.

-Gas was $1.85 in the US.


-Google launched GMail.

-Facebook launched.

-There were no iPhones, though the Blackberry was around.

Pop culture

-Martha Stewart was sentenced to five months in prison.

-Friends aired its final episode.

How else has the world changed since 2004? What you remember about that year?