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Florida State football practice report: 11/13

The 'Noles wrapped up preparation for Saturday's game at Miami.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida State Seminoles took the practice fields on a cold, brisk Thursday afternoon to wrap up preparation for Saturday's game against the Miami Hurricanes.

There were speakers out at practice to prepare for an away game against a rival.

Nick O'Leary was not at practice, and Terrance Smith, Arthur Williams and Adam Torres were not dressed out. Smith didn't seem to have any trouble walking like he did earlier in the week.

Roberto Aguayo, who had missed Monday and Tuesday practice, was back and kicking field goals for the 'Noles. With such an important game this weekend, it should be comforting to any FSU fan that the reigning Groza Award-winner was back and participating.

Dalvin Cook, who also missed a couple days of practice due to an injury suffered against Virginia, was also dressed out and fully participating Thursday. Cook didn't appear to have any braces or wraps and seemed to be moving just fine. Definitely a good sight to see.

Without O'Leary, Kevin Haplea took the reps at tight end. I would read too much into O'Leary's absence just yet and wait until Fisher speaks with the media.

The offensive line continued a bit of cross training, with Roderick Johnson at left tackle and Cam Erving at center. Austin Barron continued to take reps, but did so with the second team. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, as we've seen this look in practice before, without seeing it much during games.

Jimbo Fisher will speak with the media following practice.