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Florida State weathers Hurricanes, storms back to win

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State was off for much of the night. Drops, errant passes, fumbles, interceptions, blown coverages, chunk play after chunk play allowed. Add in a freshman quarterback making the throws that the Seminoles dared him to make, and that's how a streak ends.

In theory.

But like they've done so many times this season, FSU never panicked, kept punching, and finally landed some knockout blows. FSU is alive at 10-0, and the streak sits at 26.

Florida State played poorly in the first half, once again, trailing 23-10. But in the second half, the Seminoles allowed just a field goal, and scored 20 points themselves, to win 30-26. The Seminoles have never scored less than 30 points in an FBS game started by Jameis Winston.

The zombie-like Seminoles first died by the blitz in the first half, but in the second half, FSU got home numerous times, rattling Kaaya.

More to come when I get back from postgame interviews.