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Florida State still undefeated against Miami under Jimbo Fisher

His Seminoles were down by 16 points twice against Miami Saturday, but Jimbo Fisher continues to own the Hurricanes. Let's look at some of the stats from the series.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

76: the margin by which Florida State has defeated Miami in the five games under Jimbo Fisher -- an average win of 15.2 points.

5: consecutive wins over Miami for Florida State.

4: Other times FSU has won five in a row over the Hurricanes ('63-70, '64-'71, '65-'72 and '95-99)

8-2: FSU has won eight of its last ten against the Hurricanes

1: Other time FSU has won eight of ten against Miami ('63-'75)

5: Consecutive road victories over Miami. Since the two teams began rotating home and away in 1972, no team has won five consecutive road games in the series. FSU did win seven consecutive in Miami from 1963-72, but all of those games were played in Miami consecutively.

2nd: The grade current recruits were in the last time Miami won a home game over Florida State (2004). The next time Miami will have the chance will be in front of the class of 2017, which would have just entered kindergarten.

0: The number of home victories Miami has over Florida State since moving from the Orange Bowl to Sun Life Stadium (0-4).

11-8: The Seminoles are 11-8 against Miami since recruits in the current recruiting class were born.

31-28: FSU still trails the all-time series