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Film review: FSU vs Manhattan

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

It's difficult to do film review off an ESPN3 broadcast, but I was at least able to re-watch the game and had a few observations to share.

Aaron Thomas - A rock. Didn't do much and still led the team in scoring and added four assists. Exactly the kind of game you want out of your guy on a quiet night. Nice to see him trusted to break the press on multiple occasions. Got mobbed (almost) every time he went to the rim and did a great job finding the open man.

Devon Bookert - Played 33 minutes because he was reliable vs the press. Charged with multiple turnovers that weren't his fault - but did make an awful decision when double-teamed on the baseline not to call a timeout. A more athletic team allows FSU to switch more on defense this year, which makes Book less of a liability on defense. Spent a lot of floor time talking to the new players. Good leader for the new kids.

Jarquez Smith - Actually showed a couple of aggressive post moves. Most notable was a baseline catch and power dribble to the rim. It's only one game, but he looks completely different from last year.

Montay Brandon - Played under control. Played really well.

Kiel Turpin - Clearly not in top shape, but he's the man in the middle. He plays with the required intensity, something that clicked about 2/3 of the way through his junior season.

Phil Cofer - He's got it. It's going to take a couple of years, but he has it. Plays with enthusiasm and energy, which makes up for his lack of development. The most excited guy on the court anytime something good happens for his team. The block of 5* Jermaine Lawrence was ridiculous - swatted directly down and then ripped the ball away like a grown man. Showed no offensive moves, but will score just by being around the rim.

Dayshawn Watkins - Was used in AT's defensive roll (pressuring the ball handler) whether Thomas was in or out of the game. Got his introduction to FSU hoops when Coach Hamilton spent an entire timeout yelling at him while the rest of the team listened. Quick. Will be very valuable as a set up guy.

Robbie Berwick - Like Cofer, plays with a lot of energy and passion. Not as quick as he needs to be, and caught standing still on several cuts by his man. But he does the little things well - gets a body on someone when the shot goes up, gets his hands into passing lanes. Entered the game like a deer in headlights and 10 minutes later he was jacking a heat check three.

Bojo and Ojo - Will be an interesting year for them. Last year they were forced into action when they were supposed to just cover minutes for Turpin, and now they are back into that role after playing all of last year. They both bring good things to the court, and if they buy into their roles than the center position becomes one of strength for FSU. Combined for just six minutes. Will play a lot more against opponents who aren't small, pressing teams.

Xavier Rathan-Mayes - Looked great in his warm ups. I want a pair.