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Florida State football, recruiting news 11/18

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

-Jared Shanker of ESPN says Florida State is both lucky and good. You need a little bit of luck to win 26 straight games, however at some point winning becomes a skill and it's a skill the Noles are very good at.

-Boston College head coach Steve Addazio thinks Florida State has earned the right to be ranked number one by virtue of winning. I think the coaches around the country understand how hard it is to do what FSU is doing right now by winning so many games in a row. The national media should take note....

-Rich Thompson of the Boston Herald gives some news and notes from the Boston College side as they prepare to play Florida State this weekend.

-Anthony Gulizia of the Boston Globe writes that Boston College will have to play a near perfect game to beat the Seminoles.

-Steve Lassan of Athlon Sports writes once again the Noles turned it up a notch in the second half to win their 26th straight game.