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Join Tomahawk Nation's NFL Week 12 FanDuel league

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This week, Tomahawk Nation is hosting an NFL FanDuel league — sign up with this link or use the FanDuel promo code SBNNOLES and get a 100% deposit bonus. It's only $5 to join and will have $150 in prizes. If you haven't played FanDuel before, give it a shot — it's a lot like regular fantasy football but you get to pick a new team every week. So if your other fantasy team is already out of the playoff race, you can start fresh and still win some money.

Every player is assigned a salary, and you put together the best team without going over the $60,000 salary cap. If you pick an expensive star like Andrew Luck ($10,300) or DeMarco Murray ($9,000), you'll also need to find cheap, underrated players like last week's surprise Jonas Gray ($6,700) to fill out the rest of your team.

Tomahawk Nation's league will have only 33 spots this week, so sign up fast. We'll have $150 in prizes — first place gets $50, second place gets $30, third place gets $20, fourth and fifth get $15, and sixth and seventh get $10. Once you sign up, be sure to tell everyone your FanDuel username in the comments so we can compare teams and talk trash on Sunday. If you guys like this, maybe we'll make the league bigger and keep doing it the rest of the year.