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Florida State football, recruiting news 11/24

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Florida week, the Noles have an exciting game awaiting them Saturday, as no matter the records both teams come out for blood when they match up. Let's get to some daily links:

-Ryan Kelly of Sports Talk Florida gives his takeaways from Florida State's 20-17 win over Boston College Saturday afternoon. Is it weird that I wasn't nervous what the outcome of the game would be? Didn't ever really seem in doubt in my mind.

-Zac Ellis of Sports Illustrated calls Florida State "entertaining", noting the way the Seminoles may not be dominant, but just as effective in the end.

-Jerry Palm of CBS Sports says that "game control" is stupid and that Florida State just knows how to win. Finally, someone from the national media using common sense.

-Jared Shanker of ESPN writes that DT Derrick Mitchell feels blessed to have survived the campus shootings Thursday morning inside Strozier Library. Great read and glad Derrick is safe.

-Alligator Army takes a look at Florida's 52-3 win over Eastern Kentucky this past weekend. Florida State can't take the Gators lightly.