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Florida State football film review: Boston College 3rd quarter

Every week we break down the result of the previous game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Boston College? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by tonight).

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D-D At Form Play Analysis
2-13 at Fs15 Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, FS ball on FS35.
FSU will kick to begin the second half and defend the north goal.
Drive: 1 plays, minus 3 yards, TOP 00:07
Aguayo, R. kickoff 65 yards to the BC0, touchback.
1-10 at Bc25 BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 15:00.
Rain continues to fall lightly to begin the second half.
1-10 at Bc25 Murphy,T at QB for Boston College.
1-10 at Bc25 425 Hilliman,J rush over right guard for loss of 1 yard to the BC24 (Mitchell, D.;Goldman, E.), clock 14:34. Nickel vs 22 set, inside zone and both 90 and 11 swim past their blockers and Hilliman has absolutely nowhere to go.
2-11 at Bc24 425 Murphy,T sideline pass incomplete to Crimmins,D, QB hurry by Edwards, M., clock 14:20. Play action rollout to right/field side off power action, Edwards makes it too difficult for Murphy to put one out there and he just throws it at his guy's feet. Edwards gets a nice hit on here.
3-11 at Bc24 416 Murphy,T rush right for 12 yards to the BC36, 1ST DOWN BC, out-of-bounds, PENALTY FS offside defense declined, clock 14:13. The center for BC draws both Goldman and Walker offside with his funky pre-snap arm waving. Walker rushing from wide and two verticals allow Murphy space to field side, where Ramsey misses a rare tackle in space. Not sure why the center is allowed to do this.
1-10 at Bc36 425 Outlow,M rush over left end for loss of 2 yards to the BC34 (Ramsey, J.;Thomas, M.), clock 13:41. Power to field side behind 6 man OL. Thomas knifes past down block, then around pulling guard to slow up back, Ramsey helps to clean up. Excellent linebacker play, textbook from Thomas.
2-12 at Bc34 425 Willis,M rush right for 3 yards to the BC37 (Williams, P.J.), clock 13:05. Jet action left, sweep to right. PJ sheds his block and lays a big hit on the backer who gets forced outside in wash of Edwards battle on edge.
3-9 at Bc37 416 Murphy,T middle pass complete to Alston,S for 3 yards to the BC40 (Ramsey, J.), clock 12:09. Noles rush 4, Terrance Smith comes delayed on a blitz. Pressure forces Murphy to throw into hook zone, where Ramsey breaks on the receiver, who goes nowhere. Great defense.
4-6 at Bc40 Howell,A punt 52 yards to the FS8, downed. Rashad should have caught this here. But with his injury earlier, really don't have an issue with it.
Drive: 6 plays, 15 yards, TOP 03:17 Excellent defense here. Only play of more than 3 yards came on a broken offsides play. Great start to the quarter.
1-10 at Fs08 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 11:43.
1-10 at Fs08 21 pony Cook, D. rush right for 2 yards to the FS10 (Mihalik,B), clock 11:27. Outside zone right, Cook has space but slips/trips over his own feet. Could have had a successful play. Just a wet field.
2-8 at Fs10 21 pony Winston, J. sideline pass complete to Cook, D. for 12 yards to the FS22 (Keyes,J), PENALTY FS personal foul 5 yards to the FS5, NO PLAY, clock 10:52. Play action off outside zone action, deeper routes aren't open, so scramble rules play gets Dalvin open. This comes back and gets played again for a hands to the face call. Good scramble rules awareness from Cook.
2-13 at Fs05 11 gun Winston, J. rush QX for 4 yards to the FS9, out-of-bounds (Daniels,S), clock 10:31. Play action, Winston gets out of pocket. Restrictive angle shows almost nothing of this play, but good pocket and situation awareness to take some yards and get off your own goal line.
3-9 at Fs09 01 gun Winston, J. rush QX for 7 yards to the FS16 (Keyes,J), clock 09:37. Empty set. 4 man rush comes, LE runs himself out of play and leaves space open. Winston doesn't throw to Lane on crosser, smartly, with a backer/safety behind him. Bobo may have been open behind them but really hard to tell from this angle. Jameis takes a big hit when he scrambles.
4-2 at Fs16 Beatty, C. punt 54 yards to the BC30, Alston,S return 7 yards to the BC37. Beatty is just awesome lately. Phenomenal punt.
Drive: 3 plays, 8 yards, TOP 02:26 Being close to your own goal line in Doak makes for really crappy angles that make for weak analysis. Also, if this isn't wet, and Rashad wasn't hurt, probably doesn't become a 3 and out.
1-10 at Bc37 BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 09:17.
1-10 at Bc37 PENALTY BC false start 5 yards to the BC32, clock 09:17. They don't call a number here so hard to see who it was.
1-15 at Bc32 425 Hilliman,J rush up middle for 6 yards to the BC38 (Thomas, M.), clock 09:03. Inside zone, Thomas isn't able to get off block well enough to get a stop at LOS, but brings back down from behind as he falls forward. Good cut/run from back.
2-9 at Bc38 425 Alston,S rush right for 10 yards to the BC48, 1ST DOWN BC (Edwards, M.), clock 08:16. Fly sweep right, Edwards does a good job recognizing it, but angle is a hair off and it isn't easy for a 300 pound man to get a man half his size in those situations. This is also a horrible spot that's maybe 1.5 yards long.
1-10 at Bc48 425 Bordner,J deep pass incomplete to Alston,S, PENALTY FS roughing passer (Thomas, M.) 15 yards to the FS37, 1ST DOWN BC, NO PLAY, clock 08:03. Reverse pass. Play design is wheel to the jet man who tosses it to the reversing player. Cunningham complains about defensive holding from Ramsey, ignoring the egregious, horrible hit from Matthew Thomas. Deserved penalty, deserve ejection. Now while this is clearly targeting, there is only one footfall between release of ball and hit. Just seems like he doesn't change the way he's running. Doesn't drive through the guy. Just kinda keeps going.
Previous play was a reverse pass by #8-Border.
Official Review: Call on the field was targeting and ejection of #7.
Official Review: Call on the field is confirmed. #7-Thomas is ejected
1-10 at Fs37 5-2 Willis,M rush left for 8 yards to the FS29 (Ramsey, J.), clock 07:44. Noles go heavy personnel after losing Thomas to match 6 OL set. Walker is split wide on a TE, who he sheds, but walls him off after puller forces him wide on this sweep play. Ramsey fills and tackles him. Northrup should have been there, but he got caught in wash trying to get through and make play in the backfield.
2-2 at Fs29 425 Murphy,T deep pass incomplete to Callinan,C, clock 07:25. Jet action to field side. Noles in cover 3, BC tries to hit a shot play with two verticals and 7 man protection. Darby has #1 covered perfectly, and #2 covered by Ramsey. Murphy tries to throw it outside, but it was far overthrown and Darby was out in front of it. Should be OPI. Has to be OPI. Frustrating, because it gives them 3rd and short.
3-2 at Fs29 425 Murphy,T rush left for 8 yards to the FS21, 1ST DOWN BC (Andrews, N.), clock 07:19. Jet action to field/right side. QB power to left/boundary. Fumbled snap, but Murphy catches it. Walker crashes, letting puller wall him off. Reggie Northrup waits for Murphy to cross the line before leaving the back he's covering in pursuit. Northrup actually turns his head AWAY from Murphy as he's crossing the LOS, for some reason. If he plays the QB he may keept his a shorter gain.
1-10 at Fs21 425 Hilliman,J rush left for no gain to the FS21 (Smith, Terr.), clock 06:35. Power left, both 24 and 26 do a great job shedding block and stopping this at the line.
2-10 at Fs21 425 Murphy,T rush over left end for 21 yards to the FS0, 1ST DOWN BC, TOUCHDOWN, clock 06:12. Jet action, read option. Walker crashes, Murphy keeps, and 24/29 were both flummoxed by the jet action. Great play call from BC. Really bad at all 3 levels.
Knoll,M kick attempt good.
Boston College 17, Florida State 17
Drive: 7 plays, 63 yards, TOP 03:05 You lose your best linebacker, his backup makes some mistakes. Then an uncalled OPI. Puts you in position to have a player exploited. Walker was continually relied upon by BC to crash on this drive vs the run, and he did.
Howell,A kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, touchback.
1-10 at Fs25 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 06:12.
1-10 at Fs25 11 gun Winston, J. crossing pass complete to O'Leary, N. for 22 yards to the FS47, 1ST DOWN FS (Keyes,J), clock 05:57. Double posts, and a normal backer just can't hang with O'Leary on this post over the middle. Winston rifles it in under the safety and gets an easy one.
1-10 at Fs47 11 gun Winston, J. sideline pass complete to Williams, K. for 6 yards to the BC47, out-of-bounds (Duggan,S), clock 05:30. 5 man pressure from BC. Matias stuggles to pick up the stunt, and Hart keeps his man just wide enough for Winston to get off the dump off.
2-4 at Bc47 11 singleback Winston, J. sideline pass complete to Cook, D. for 7 yards to the BC40, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (Williams,D), clock 05:01. The infamous Winston-RefGate play. Brief summary of sub actions: FSU on hash at their sideline subs Dalvin in for Karlos at 5:30, BC subs off a backer, then switches out a DL at 5:25. Official moves off the ball to allow play at 5:15. Anyway. Play is set up like the t-block (playside tackle pulls playside while blocker outside him blocks down) sweep they run to Kermit, with Wilson in the backfield. Instead of the toss, they run a naked and Cook motions across the formation. Winston tosses it to him and they get the first down easy.
1-10 at Bc40 11 gun Winston, J. slant pass complete to Greene, R. for 14 yards to the BC26, 1ST DOWN FS (Asprilla,M), clock 04:37. Slant/bubble, Winston throws to Rashad on the slant. Not many DBs will stay with Rashad there, though this one tried to hold on for dear life.
1-10 at Bc26 11 pistol Cook, D. rush over right tackle for 3 yards to the BC23 (Brown,T;Strizak,M), clock 04:05. Trips wide to field. Power to boundary, Matias misses a man when pulling and Cook isn't able to go far as the DL catches him and the backer fills. Matias needs to make this block and give Cook a chance.
2-7 at Bc23 11 gun Winston, J. deep pass incomplete to Greene, R., clock 03:49. 7 man all out blitz from BC. Pressure gets home, because 7 > 6. Winston throws it up sideline to try to draw a PI/give 80 a chance on it. Greene is MUGGED and pushed WELL out of bounds by the DB. Consdering the DB had an arm bar and Green started at the inside of the numbers, it's ridiculous this isn't called. Absurd, in fact.
3-7 at Bc23 11 gun Winston, J. middle pass incomplete to Williams, K., QB hurry by Strizak,M, clock 03:40. BC lines up 7 men on the line to confuse the offense. It works. They send 5, and Erving isn't able to hold his man. Winston makes a ridiculous couple cuts through to get away from it, but goes into the arms of a DL and sidearms it at Karlos' feet on his way down. Heads up play to dump it.
4-7 at Bc23 Aguayo, R. field goal attempt from 40 MISSED - wide left, spot at BC23, clock 03:36. This is really, really close. Let's get some frickin' lasers.
Drive: 8 plays, 52 yards, TOP 02:36 Good drive from the offense overall. Noles got screwed on a missed PI call, then Mister Perfect misses one. It happens.
1-10 at Bc23 BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 03:36.
1-10 at Bc23 425 Hilliman,J rush over right end for 7 yards to the BC30 (Northrup, R.;Edwards, M.), clock 03:16. Inside zone right, Northrup gets lost inside and Hilliman falls forward for a couple more once Edwards/Northrup get off their blocks.
2-3 at Bc30 5-2 Hilliman,J rush over right end for 7 yards to the BC37, 1ST DOWN BC (Williams, P.J.), clock 02:49. Power right. Goldman trips over the guy he rips to the ground, Mitchell gets pancaked, leaving space for the run. 24 and 26 clean it up. Edwards gets stopped by a cut or he'd have slowed it up.
1-10 at Bc37 6-2 Murphy,T sideline pass complete to Wolford,B for 6 yards to the BC43, out-of-bounds, clock 02:27. FSU goes with a real monster set here. 4 down linemen, DT's, and 44/15 standing up on the edges. I think 15 is supposed to cover this flat, but loses eye discipline. Murphy floats a nice ball in behind him here to get some easy yards.
2-4 at Bc43 425 Outlow,M rush over right tackle for loss of 1 yard to the BC42 (Walker, D.), clock 01:48. Jet action, read option off inside zone. 44 comes in unblocked, Murphy should have kept. Same play as the long TD earlier. Wouldn't have had long run like earlier, but giving to back set the up for the TFL.
3-5 at Bc42 425 Murphy,T rush for loss of 10 yards to the BC32 (Hunter, T.), fumble by Murphy,T, clock 00:46. 5 man pressure, interior blitz from 24. Play is QB power off jet fake. Murphy just drops the ball. No messed up mesh, but just Murphy fumbling it because he hit the guy while trying to run. Bad error.
4-15 at Bc32 Howell,A punt 42 yards to the FS26, Greene, R. return 6 yards to the FS32, out-of-bounds (Daniels,S). Rashad fields it and gets up the sideline a bit.
Drive: 5 plays, 9 yards, TOP 02:58 Not the best defensive drive of the day. Error or two from BC helps hide an error or two from FSU.
1-10 at Fs32 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 00:38.
1-10 at Fs32 21 pony Winston, J. slant pass complete to Greene, R. for 6 yards to the FS38, clock 00:32. Winston hits Rashad underneath as Wilson draws coverage vertical. Throw is poor, behind Rashad, who puts a knee down as he catches it.
2-4 at Fs38 21 gun. Cook, D. rush right for 20 yards to the BC42, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (Brown,T), clock 00:05. Zone/bubble package. Really well blocked zone run - guards get to second level, Stevenson makes a half decent cut. If Stevenson can get out ahead of that cut, Cook may get that all the way.
Drive: 2 plays, 26 yards, TOP 02:09 Good start to the drive.
Boston College 17, Florida State 17 Just like first half - one or two missed plays or calls/non-calls from opening the game up and blowing it out. Noles doing just fine. May have lost the quarter but no doubts who the better team is.