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Florida State football film review: Boston College 4th quarter

Every week we break down the result of the previous game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Louisville? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by tonight).

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to Murphy. Simiar to what they did in 2013. At first it looks open, but Brutus closes very quickly and breaks up the play. Nice discipline"

1-10 at Bc42 Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00.
A light mist falls as the 4th quarter begins.
1-10 at Bc42 21 Gun Winston, J. rush QX for 11 yards to the BC31, out-of-bounds, PENALTY FS holding (Johnson, R.) 10 yards to the FS48, NO PLAY, clock 14:52. BC Brings a 5 man pressure with a stunt in the A gap. Cam is helping on the DT and lets the the stunt free release. Jameis does a nce job to spin out of pressure for a nice gain, Unfortunately Rod reaches out and grabs the OLB right in front of the official for an obvious hold.
1-20 at Fs48 11 Gun Winston, J. rush QX for no gain to the FS48 (Wujciak,C), clock 14:08. BC again bringing 5. This time the LB loops to the outside, Bobby is engaged with the DE which allows the blitzer to come free. HArt actually does a nice job to recover and push the blitzer up field. Problem is, when Jameis steps up, he steps right into the NG who is battling with Cam.
Rain falls harder on the field.
2-20 at Fs48 11 Gun Winston, J. post pass incomplete to Wilson, J., clock 13:44. BC brings 5 once again and the OL stones them. Jameis sees Bobo one on one with a safety on the post. Jameis throws an absolute perfect pass, in the rain, dropped it in a bucket. Unfotunately Bobo cant come up with it. I know it's wet, but Bobo HAS to make that catch in that situation. Do better.
3-20 at Fs48 11 Gun Winston, J. deep pass incomplete to Lane, E., clock 13:38. BC only brings 3 this time and drops 8 into coverage. Jameis finds Ermon on a deep comeback right in front of the sticks. Perfect throw, and once again teh ball slips through a young WR's hands. It's soggy out there but FSU's WR's let them down badly on this drive. Probably shouldnt be wearing gloves in the rain, honestly.
4-20 at Fs48 Beatty, C. punt 44 yards to the BC8, out-of-bounds. Clutch Beatty punt. Dude has been fantastic.
Drive: 5 plays, 16 yards, TOP 02:09
1-10 at Bc08 BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 13:29.
1-10 at Bc08 425 Murphy,T rush left for 4 yards to the BC12 (Andrews, N.), clock 13:15. Zone Read. Walker Crashes on the RB and Murphy pulls. PJ comes up to make the tackle. After re-watching the game, I'm fairly certain Walker's responsibility was to crash on the RB. Either that or he's severely lacking football IQ.
2-6 at Bc12 425 Willis,M rush right for loss of 7 yards to the BC5 (Edwards, M.), clock 12:40. FSU lines MEJr up on the strong side of the formation. BC runs what looks like a speed sweep. Mario absolutely destroys the play.
3-13 at Bc05 425 Outlow,M rush right for 20 yards to the BC25, 1ST DOWN BC, out-of-bounds (Andrews, N.), clock 11:59. BC is pretty obviously just trying to get a few yards to get their punter some room. They run power, FSU does a nice job to blow up the play at the PoA. But PJ gets caight up inside and the RB bounces is to the outside. These are the types of plays that make you snap your remote in half. Combination of bad luck and poor levergae by PJ. SMH SMH SMH
Injured player for FSU is #29-Andrews. Walks off the field.
1-10 at Bc25 425 Outlow,M rush over right guard for 6 yards to the BC31 (Brutus, L.), PENALTY BC holding 10 yards to the BC21, clock 11:45. Egregious holding
1-14 at Bc21 1st and 14.
1-14 at Bc21 425 Hilliman,J rush left for 8 yards to the BC29 (Ramsey, J.), clock 11:13. ZR sweep. Walker losses leverage allowing the RB to get outside. Hunter gets picked up by the TE. Need to be better on 1st down against a team like this. Walker needs to set the edge.
2-6 at Bc29 425 Hilliman,J rush over right guard for no gain to the BC29 (Ramsey, J.;Smith, Terr.), clock 10:18. FSU looks to be bringing Ramsey on a blitz. The center actually rolls the snap on the ground and magically right into the BC RB's hands. Ramsey and terrance make the tackle.
Previous play was a direct snap. Bad snap, picked up and advanced.
3-6 at Bc29 425 Murphy,T rush QX for 8 yards to the BC37, 1ST DOWN BC, out-of-bounds, clock 09:54. Casher in at DE, MEJr moves inside. Casher actually whips the OT and looks like he's going to sack Murphy. But Murphy steps up and with FSU in man, its an easy pickup of the 1st down.
1-10 at Bc37 425 Alston,S rush right for 9 yards to the BC46, out-of-bounds, clock 09:20. Speed sweep. Ramsey does a nice job of blowing up his blocker and forcing the RB to retreat. Problem is, Terrance smith can't run and the RB is able to get around the corner. 24 is really hurt. He makes this play if he's healthy.
2-1 at Bc46 425 Outlow,M rush up middle for no gain to the BC46 (Smith, Terr.;Hollin, D.), clock 08:46. IZ. Mitchell and Hollin do a great job to stone their blockers, Terrance and MEJr come in to clean it up.
3-1 at Bc46 Timeout Boston College, clock 08:33.
3-1 at Bc46 524 Murphy,T rush over left guard for 3 yards to the BC49, 1ST DOWN BC (Walker, D.), clock 08:23. QB sneak. FSU penetrates but Murphy is able to counce off his blockers and lunge forward for the 1st down
1-10 at Bc49 425 Willis,M rush left for 3 yards to the FS48, out-of-bounds (Hunter, T.;Andrews, N.), clock 07:50. Sweep. Ramsey is an animal, he fights off a block from the OT and forces the RB to the sidelines where hunter and Northrup make the tackle.
2-7 at Fs48 425 Murphy,T rush quarterback draw for 8 yards to the FS40, 1ST DOWN BC (Smith, Terr.), clock 07:18. QB IZR. Mitchell gets completely out of his gap as he bites on the sweep fake and is washed out. Terrance doesn't fill quick enough. Murphy has a huge hole up the middle. Need to play more disciplined.
1-10 at Fs40 425 Outlow,M rush over left tackle for 13 yards to the FS27, 1ST DOWN BC (Andrews, N.), clock 06:40. Ramsey lined up as an OLB. IZ. Goldman gets doubled. MEJr pentrates but runs right by the RB. Both LBs are completely walled by the BC OL on the second level. Just all around bad.
1-10 at Fs27 425 Outlow,M rush over left tackle for 1 yard to the FS26 (Northrup, R.;Mitchell, D.), clock 05:50. FSU DL just blows up the BC OL. Need more of that
2-9 at Fs26 425 Bordner,J at QB for Boston College.
2-9 at Fs26 Bordner,J deep pass incomplete to Murphy,T (Brutus, L.), clock 05:27. "Trick Play time. Murphy fakes like he's audibling at the LoS but stays tucked behind the LT. BC snaps to the RB. This is a designed throw back
Previous play was a direct snap to #8.
3-9 at Fs26 Murphy,T at QB for Boston College.
3-9 at Fs26 416 Murphy,T rush quarterback draw for 1 yard to the FS25 (Smith, Terr.;Goldman, E.), clock 05:02. Cant tell if Murphy gives up on the play or of this is a QB draw. Looks like a draw. Either way, Terrance diagnoses quickly and makes an excellent tackle. Huge stop.
4-8 at Fs25 Howell,A field goal attempt from 42 MISSED - wide right, spot at FS26, clock 04:37. Shankapotomous
Drive: 17 plays, 67 yards, TOP 08:52
1-10 at Fs26 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 04:37.
1-10 at Fs26 21 Gun Williams, K. rush left for 10 yards to the FS36, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (Simmons,J), clock 04:20. FSU in Pony. OZ. Cam gets absolutely destroyed by the NG and is 5 yards into the backfield. Karlos reverses filed and makes a great run. All Karlos there.
1-10 at Fs36 21 Gun Winston, J. screen pass complete to Cook, D. for 7 yards to the FS43 (Strizak,M), clock 03:42. Pony. Out pass to Cook int he flats. Jimbo trying to get cook isloated with a backer. Cook almost breaks it but is tripped up.
2-3 at Fs43 21 Gun Cook, D. rush left for 1 yard to the FS44 (Daniels,S;Keyes,J), clock 03:18. IZ. FSU has this blocked pretty nicely but BC's backer does a nice job of scraping and filling.
3-2 at Fs44 21 Williams, K. rush up middle for 5 yards to the FS49, 1ST DOWN FS (Strizak,M), clock 02:53. Power. Excellent blocking. with BC crowding the LoS. Nice block by Stevensen.
1-10 at Fs49 21 Gun Winston, J. sideline pass complete to Greene, R. for 11 yards to the BC40, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (Asprilla,M), clock 02:33. Pony. Los stays into block while Cook goes out on a route, BC brings a blitz to the outside and Kalros recognizes it perfectly but whiffs on the cut. Jameis is able to retreat and find Rashad on an out route. Great throw.
1-10 at Bc40 PENALTY FS false start (Erving, C.) 5 yards to the BC45, clock 02:09. SMH
1-15 at Bc45 21 Gun Winston, J. slant pass complete to Greene, R. for 15 yards to the BC30, 1ST DOWN FS (Asprilla,M), clock 01:50. BC again brings blitz and Cook picks it up beautifully. Rashad whips the BC corner who is in man coverage. Big play
1-10 at Bc30 21 Cook, D. rush up middle for 8 yards to the BC22 (Williams,D;Keyes,J), clock 01:20. BC brings a run blitz into the A gap and Cam completely misses. This is sure to be a 5 yard loss but alas, FSU has a freak in the backfield. A ridicluos jump cut from Cook has the BC LB on his knees trying to put his ankles back together. A freshmen!
2-2 at Bc22 21 Cook, D. rush up middle for 7 yards to the BC15, 1ST DOWN FS (Williams,D;Asprilla,M), clock 00:57. IZ. Cook recognizes the cutback lanes and blows through it beautifully. Rod does a really nice job of sealing. Bobo, who motioned in behind Rod does a great job of picking up the coner and allowing Cook to pick up additional yards.
1-10 at Bc15 Timeout Boston College, clock 00:54.
1-10 at Bc15 21 Cook, D. rush over right guard for 2 yards to the BC13 (Kavalec,K), clock 00:49. IZ. BC loading the box and brings more men than FSU can block.
2-8 at Bc13 Timeout Boston College, clock 00:49.
2-8 at Bc13 21 Cook, D. rush over right guard for 4 yards to the BC9 (Kavalec,K), clock 00:30. Power. BC once again laoding the box. Cook shows unbelievable vision to find a hole on the right side and squeezes through for 4 yards, Really nice job from he OL. They are really coming on.
3-4 at Bc09 21 Cook, D. rush up middle for 1 yard to the BC8 (Brown,T;Asprilla,M), clock 00:07. Power. Fisher showing a ton of trust in Cook. BC knows it's coming and is definitely trying to strip the ball. Jameis actually almost drops the snap from Cam. Yikes.
4-3 at Bc08 Timeout Florida State, clock 00:07.
4-3 at Bc08 Aguayo, R. field goal attempt from 26 GOOD, clock 00:03. Clutch City
Florida State 20, Boston College 17
Drive: 12 plays, 66 yards, TOP 04:34
Aguayo, R. kickoff 65 yards to the BC0, touchback.
1-10 at Bc25 BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 00:03.
1-10 at Bc25 Murphy,T crossing pass incomplete to Bordner,J. Night Night. 27
2-10 at Bc25 End of game, clock 00:00.
Drive: 1 plays, 0 yards, TOP 00:03
Florida State 20, Boston College 17