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Florida State football, recruiting news 11/28

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Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

-Tim Linafelt of writes that Florida State's players made a special friend of their's extremely happy this Thanksgiving. Great feel-good story here.

-Dan Wolken of the USA Today goes through the ten worst narratives of the 2014 college football season. Which ones do you agree with? I think the worst one that he didn't include is that Florida State's wins are less impressive due to the way they are won.

-Fox Sports looks at the best rivalries in college football. Florida State cracks the top ten twice. What are your thoughts on these rankings?

-Former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden says that Frank Beamer's situation at Virginia Tech reminds him of the one he faced in his latter years at FSU. I think VT needs to can Beamer, there's no hope for them with him at the helm.

-As for my prediction for tomorrow's game: Florida is going to give FSU its best shot. It's Muschamp's last game, it's a rivalry, and they want to ruin the Noles' season. The Gators are playing much better with Treon Harris under center and their defense can match up with FSU and give the Noles problems. That being said, Florida State is the better team by far and after the initial emotional surge wears down I expect Florida State to outmatch Florida. However, the Noles haven't seemed to be able to put anyone away so I think the final score is closer than one would like. Give me Florida State 31-20.