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Jimbo Fisher on Florida State over Virginia, his evolving team

Jimbo Fisher spoke about Florida State's win over Virginia and his team's progress.

Transcript below via ASAP Sports and Florida State. No warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the transcript.

JIMBO FISHER: Happy that we come out and got a victory. We knew Virginia was a very good defensive football team and did some real nice things on offense. Thought they played extremely well. Brought a lot of pressure. Give them a lot of credit, didn't think we played up to our capabilities at times. We dropped a few balls, missed a few throws, stopped a few routes, didn't have a good rhythm. We were good on third down in the first half, but one of five in the second and had a couple I want to see on films before I comment. But that's ball. You can't have that. You've got to make your own luck and you've got to do your own things.

Played good, ran the ball out at the end. Our defense I thought really stepped up because I think the turnovers is how they got some points, but our defense I thought for the most part played a pretty good football game. Great job in the red zone on that last stop. I thought it was critical that we got out of there and got a stop and then we ran the clock out at the end. But got to continue to grow, got to continue to play better. We got off to a good start, really in the beginning, got up 7‑0, then we had the two turnovers, had a freshman stop on a route, we had a dig route that was going to be wide open for either a touchdown or a big play, and he stops and his guy comes off and gets a pick, he's not even supposed to be there. But that's something we'll work on.

Then had just a misread on one and we'll look at the coverage on that one. But those two turnovers were critical. They got points. But I was very proud of our guys, they bounced right back and got back quickly in the game. Didn't have to wait until the second half. Second quarter, I thought we played really well, thought we ran the ball, got physical. I thought the running game came at times. They did a good job of getting people in the box late in the game, getting eight, nine guys down in there, we were still able to run the ball and make some plays. Jameis made some critical throws I thought in that last drive, big play by Ermon Lane, good backside read by Jameis and the ball to Rashad. Both those balls were called other ways and he went to a fourth guy on the backside and saw the one‑on‑one. You have confidence in him that he'll be able to make those throws and reads in that situation when you are running out the clock when they put extra guys in the box. I was very proud of that.

But we'll continue to grow. Like I say, we're still continuing to get better every week in certain things, and we've got to keep growing. I thought Cason Beatty punted the ball really well tonight. I thought he kicked the ball extremely ‑‑ had a couple really critical plays that changed field position in the game in that regard, also. Questions?

Q. How important was it to capitalize on early turnovers?

JIMBO FISHER: It was. It was very critical early. It's a shame on the one, that Eddie's didn't count. I always thought they should let that run and then make a decision afterwards. But that guy thought it was definitive, and we were able to get the throw the next play and score and those can change the game, but that was critical. But getting those points right there ‑‑ the ones I was disappointed the last two times in the second half, we only scored six points in the second half there that we got down and kicked field goals. All year we've been scoring a lots of touchdowns, but there was a couple situations there I want to look at before I make a comment on.

Q. Rashad had a career high for catches

JIMBO FISHER: Did he really?

Q. What allows him to keep getting open?

JIMBO FISHER: Well, I think he understands football. He can move. He plays different positions. He's not playing one spot. His ability and capacity to carry a lot of information, a volume of routes, not only mentally but physically, being able to do them. He's a very unique guy. He's a gamer. He's a great competitor.

Q. Edwards was disruptive.

JIMBO FISHER: Yes, he was.

Q. Talk about that.

JIMBO FISHER: Physical, strong at the point, getting pressure, even when he's affecting the quarterback a lot of ways, even when he wasn't sacking him, but just hitting him, making plays in the run game. Mario is, I think as I say, kind of catching his second wind. He got banged up there in the middle a little bit and he got his weight in a really good place right now. I think he's light, moving around with the power and physicality. I noticed him a lot, him and Eddie Goldman. Those guys, I think are playing really good in there.

Q. You moved him around a little?

JIMBO FISHER: We did. We moved him around, stood him up, tried to bring him up the side, have backs have to block him. You know, Mario is in shape. With his conditioning, Mario has a lot of ability to do those things. He's a D‑tackle, he's a D‑end, he can stand up and blitz as a backer. I mean, he can bring a lot of versatility to the game. That's why I'm really anxious for him to grow as a player. He can cause some havoc.

Q. On freshmen receivers making mistakes, whether it is happening more, and how to correct it

JIMBO FISHER: Yeah, it does. Just keep practicing. That's part of it. Sometimes on a young guy‑‑ like I say, they made some great plays, then all of a sudden, they'll do something that will happen that hasn't happened to them before on a route where they're coming across, one guy is this way, one guy is I want to go here so I just stop. Just the instinct, not too experienced. That's going to happen. Like I say, when you play freshmen, you take the good with the bad. But I promise you they'll be back in the game. They did a lot of good things in the game. But that one cost us because Ermon was big‑time open on the dig in the middle of the field and that guy would not have been there if we'd have went through. But that's ball. You just move on.

Q. What's the status on Cook?

JIMBO FISHER: He got banged up pretty good. I'll have to wait and see. I don't know. We missed a block and it looked like he got hit on the hip. I couldn't tell, though.

Q. (Inaudible.)

JIMBO FISHER: Once the game got going he could play, but Carlos was in, he was running pretty hard and doing a good job and already had the flow of the game. There wasn't no sense to do that. That was probably the middle of the third quarter when that happened anyway, so (inaudible) with Carlos.

Q. (Inaudible.)

JIMBO FISHER: Exactly right, and like I said, we're doing a great job in four‑minute offense. We've done that all year except for the one time in the Notre Dame game. We've run the clock out, be able to run the ball when you want to run it, and I was very happy with that part of it.

Q. You got turnovers tonight.

JIMBO FISHER: Yeah, we did.

Q. But you also on the other side of the ball‑‑

JIMBO FISHER: We had three of them. The first one was a receiver, second one was‑‑ I'm not going to say, and then the third one was a missed block that caused him to get hit, but still, it's no excuse to fumble. You can't put the ball on the ground. That was all critical that led them to points. It was a call up front that we've got to get made and it was actually not made by the O‑line, it was on the edge, but we'll get that fixed.

Q. You've had some the last three ballgames. You've overcome them, but ‑‑

JIMBO FISHER: That's scary, and that's something that we've never done around here is turn the football over a lot. When you're playing young guys, you take the good with the bad.

Q. Next week is a big rivalry game. What kind of positives do you take from this game?

JIMBO FISHER: Positives, you won the game. A lot of other folks would like to have won the game today. I mean, so you keep winning games, you understand how to win, you understand how to play, and like I say, you're continually a work in progress, you've got to try to continue to improve, and hopefully the youth of those guys will get an urgency and some of those guys that we're playing will play and we'll look at some of the older guys and see the mistakes on film. But winning games, you're right where you want to be. Now you've got to go down and play a great Miami team on‑‑ I think Miami is playing very well, down there at Miami.

Q. You mentioned the circumstances surrounding Jameis's interception. How does he handle that?

JIMBO FISHER: Good. Well, he had a lot of experience. Guys cleaning out and doing things. That happens. But you know, also on that second one though I really thought he could have went somewhere else with the ball. There was a better place I thought he could have went, and he'll say that, too, but at the same time I want to look at the‑‑ I want to look at what happened.

Q. Miami has this week off. Does that give them an advantage?

JIMBO FISHER: Heck yeah, it does. I mean, we play five teams that do that. Miami has got that, Boston College has got it the next week. There's a lot of teams we've played this year. I think it's the fifth time that we've had that come up. It makes a difference. It really does make a difference. That's something we can't worry about, we've just got to go play.

Q. Talk about how a bye week is an advantage?

JIMBO FISHER: Your body, your rest, your preparation, an extra get a whole week of watching film. You can sit and study habits, tendencies. You get twice the practice time on one team.

Q. As a coach how do you weigh each successive game?

JIMBO FISHER: I appreciate wins. You guys, winning is hard. You don't ever‑‑ like I say, there's never such a thing as a bad win. There's no such thing. I'm not even considering that on this. I mean, that was ‑‑ we knew that was going to be a very good, physical football team. They're a really good defensive football team. You look at that, you look at the film and you move on, see what the problems are. You've been in it long enough, and you figure it out. If you're on the other side of that sometimes, you'd rather be sitting at this press conference.

Q. Have you ever won 25 in a row at any stage in your career?

JIMBO FISHER: No, not in a row. Twenty was the most before.

Q. Where was that?


Q. The defense in the second half, except for the short field and the turnover‑‑

JIMBO FISHER: They played great.

Q. It's the second game in a row the defense has come around.

JIMBO FISHER: Well, I think they understand each other, they're getting the calls, the rhythm of the game and they've been having a good continuity. They're just growing. Again, a lot of young guys out there, you're still getting‑‑ Jalen Ramsay playing nickel, that's new to him, you know what I'm saying? The corners are playing much better right now, but they're healthy. 3 and 26 are healthy. I'm going to get 3 a butterfly net. I'll joke on that, but that was a great play by him.

And I think Eddie is growing, I think you're seeing Mario come into his own and do different things. And I think 7, I can't call him 6 anymore, those backers, they're just gelling and play better together.

Q. Your overall sense of this team?

JIMBO FISHER: Yeah, young guys that are very talented that play extremely well at times in spurts and occasionally we'll have mistakes, but still believe in each other, don't panic when they do make mistakes and keep a lot of poise. The thing that's amazing about, you say they're young and make mistakes but at the same time they stay poised and don't panic when they make them and they are able to overcome them. There's a great tribute to that, now we just got to quit making some of the silly things that we do.