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Florida State football, recruiting news 12/12

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

-ESPN delves into the match up of two Heisman winners (let's be honest, Mariota is winning it) taking the stage on New Year's day. Which team has the advantage at the QB position and why?

-CBS Sports released its All-American team and four Noles made the cut. What are your thoughts on these picks?

-David Hale writes that the ACC has a big opportunity to better its reputation this bowl season. Can the ACC, led by Florida State, turn out a solid post-season performance? Which teams in the conference do you all think will win their bowl game?

-Martin Rickman of Sports Illustrated ranks this season's slate of bowl games. Other than the playoff games, which bowl games are you guys most excited to watch? I really like that TCU-Ole Miss match up as well as UGA and Louisville.

-Matt Fortuna of ESPN says that Florida State being undefeated, yet only at #3 may be a precedent that has been set by the committee going forward. I sure hope not, because this year's selection process, not just in FSU's case, was a clown show. I'm looking at you Jeff Long.