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FSU Basketball vs Stetson: Quotes and Video

Some good stuff from FSU assistant turned Stetson Head Coach, Corey Williams. Ham talks about the team's lack of focus and effort and what needs to happen in order to be successful this season. Plus video from Montay Brandon.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Stetson Head Coach, Corey Williams:

--"We got some young whippersnappers that are growing up before our eyes...and sometimes progress can't be measured in your record."

--"To compete against a guy who I admire and is a mentor to me, uh, I'm awfully proud of our guys...I'm excited about the way we played. We missed some shots at the very end, but Florida State is so long, they make you throw it a little bit higher and make your shots faster."

--"At the end of the day they're a good team, and they've somehow put it together even losing one of their star players. The ball doesn't stick, you got guys like Rathan-Mayes qho can get in there and cause havoc. Devon Bookert, a kid who I recruited from Alaska, can really shoot it."

--"It's bittersweet for me. I've never been on the visitor's side and I was on the visitor's side today. And that was weird."

--"Our guys played hard and competed the entire time. Now, it probably helps that I probably know Florida State's playbook, so every call that they called I could call it out."--- When asked about his team playing right with us until the end.

--"Coach Hamilton is my guy. I love him. He's like a father to me."

--"I'll tell you a great story, this is what [Coach Hamilton] told me. After they beat South Florida they were heading back and Coach Ham said 'Now, you know you got Coach Williams coming in. We need to give him a little bit of a Christmas present.' And a couple of guys said, 'Man, we miss Coach Williams.' And Coach looked at them and said, 'Hey! We supposed to be getting ready to bury this guy!'"

--"Those are my boys. Ojo gave me the biggest hug ever. Boris, Boris said he loved me...Bookert, Jarquez Smith, Rathan-Mayes, I was here when they got here...they love me, those are my guys...I'm awfully proud of them. For a team to have the adversity they had and come back and respond...that's a lot to be proud of as a coach and as a fan."

--"I'm a fan. I watch Florida State all the time. You have no other coach that cheers for Florida State as strong as I do. When I'm not playing them. Now today I wanted to kick their behind."

--"The progress [Ojo's] made, his hands have gotten a whole lot better...he seals down there, he's like the biggest elephant you ever want to see because he creates so much space, he weighs so much, he's so powerful down there and if you don't get around, if you get behind him, you're dead."

--Devon Bookert, all time leading three-point shooter here. He's consistent, he's gonna make shots."

--"Rathan-Mayes comes in as a freshman, but he's quick, he's got savvy about him that he changes speeds very well and he knows how to find people."

--"[FSU is] very good in transition."

--"Our game plan was, we wanted to make sure we make them make some shots."

Coach Ham:

--"You gotta give Stetson a lot of credit. I thought they out-hustled us, they were a lot more alert...they created baskets from their energy."

--"I thought their guys were a little hungrier than we were in this particular game."

--"We are very fortunate to come away with a victory. I think that happens sometimes, uh, when you're not totally focused as much as you should, and the other team is really doing a good job trying to execute their game plan."

--"Our goal is to try to get the ball inside 25 times a game...our four inside guys have been shooting close to 80%. So we went away from what we've been doing mentally and emotionally and I thought it nearly cost us tonight."

--"I don't think it was the game plan. I just didn't think that mentally we were as sharp as them."

--"We had an 8 or 9 point lead down there at the end and turned the ball over unnecessarily. That's youthful mistakes."

--"We don't have a whole lot more chances (to have a game like this and still win). Think we come back and have two SEC teams and then it's all ACC the rest of the way."

--"We didn't shoot the ball very well...the interesting thing about these guys is they are pretty good perimeter shooters, but somehow or another we have not gotten our confidence yet. You know I think Robbie, X, and obviously Devon are great three point shooters, but right now it's like we're still trying to find ourselves. Still trying to redefine our roles now that we lost our leading scorer."

--"It's obvious that [right now] if we have a three point shot and we got a guy point blank in front of the rim, the best shot is to throw the ball to the guy inside.

--"The only thing I can tell you is they shoot well [from three] in practice...If I put Robbie and X in a three point shooting contest, they would fare well with just about anybody. I think that's part of the process you go through when you're learning and you're just got to settle in, be confident, and knock 'em down. In a shooting contest, Robbie doesn't miss very much."

--"In order for us to be successful this year, we need to have our guys playing as close as they can to their abilities. If Ojo and Phil, Jarquez and Boris and Turp come to play, they should be five guys that really just be able to play physically against just about anybody. But we need them defending, finishing, and doing the things that their talent says they can. Now, on the perimeter we're a little younger, uh, we really need to play a lot smarter and with a little bit more confidence. So I believe, I'm encouraged by the fact that I think we have the pieces if we are playing up to our ability, but that's the key."

--"If a guy's wide open in the paint and you're wide open from three, let's get the ball to the guy in the paint."

--"Because we've had some moving parts, and it's been kind of, our season has been in flux, I'm anxious to see us get to that point (playing to our potential). And up until this game, I really felt that we were getting closer to finding that magic level...I thought we took a little step back today."

Video from Montay Brandon:

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Merry Christmas, everybody. Hopefully Santa (or Krampus, or St. Nicholas, or Buddy the Elf for all I care; just someone please help) brings some perimeter shooting confidence to our Noles just in time for the UF game.