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Florida State Fans: "End-of-game control"/"It's not figure skating" T-Shirt

A new t-shirt for Tomahawk Nation readers and Florida State fans who are sick of hearing about "game control" and are glad that their Seminoles made it into the College Football Playoff, inspired by Jimbo Fisher's "it's not figure skating" comment during his postgame interview after the committee continued to drop the Seminoles down despite FSU winning what is now 29 straight games.

The only thing that matters now is winning. Style points are worthless in the playoffs.

We have a number of options for our readers, including garnet, white and gray, ladies cut, and hoodies. Please note that the quality of the garnet shirt is less than that of the white and gray (but it is a true garnet, which is why we elected to choose that option over the higher quality shirt that was more maroon). Full Tomahawk Nation store link here.

Note from our supplier on Christmas orders:

Please make sure your readers know that if they want it by Christmas they have to choose either the "Hurry" or "Rush Guaranteed" option. Hurry means we'll prioritize it above non-hurry items and try to ship it within 5 business days, but that's not guaranteed. "Rush Guaranteed" means we'll ship it within five business days or we refund their rush fee. The last day to order either Hurry or Rush Guaranteed is this Friday, 12/12/14.