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Florida State football, recruiting news 12/9

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

-ESPN's Jared Shanker writes that for Florida State, Oregon is the better match-up compared to Alabama. I tend to agree as the Noles are built to limit what the Ducks like to do, having a month to prepare for their tempo helps tremendously as well.

-David Hale says Jameis Winston is peaking at the right time for the Seminoles as they prepare for the college football playoffs. I personally think Winston is the single best player in the entire playoff and has the capability of willing his team to victory unlike any other player in college football. There's always a chance when "5" is on your side.

-More from Hale as he breaks down the ACC Championship game with some pretty cool numbers and notes. Hale might be my favorite writer ESPN has to offer.

-Brendan Sonnone of the Orlando Sentinel writes that Florida State's defense is thankful it will get time to heal before playing Oregon on January 1st. FSU's defense is banged up and the time off is much needed before preparing for the Ducks high paced attack.

-One of TN's own gives a pretty thorough breakdown of the Noles on the Oregon SB Nation site, "Addicted to Quack".