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Quarterback recruit Deondre Francois claims Florida State offer

Update: Johnson was contacted by the Orlando Sentinel and he said that he is being recruited as a QB, but doesn't mind competition at the position.

So, this bit of Florida State football recruiting news is interesting.

Quarterback Deondre Francois, of Orlando (Fla.) Olympia High School, is claiming an offer from Florida State (Orlando Sentinel). Francois is a good player, a current three-star who claims offers from Florida, Clemson, Miami and others, though they cannot necessarily be verified. Francois claims that FSU told him he is their top quarterback.

I'm less interested in the legitimacy of the offer as I am about his comment about De'Andre Johnson, a quarterback who has been committed to Florida State for more than a year.

"They said [Johnson] has been with them since his freshman year and they're recruiting him as an athlete," Francois said. "They said...that I'm their top quarterback right now."

Florida State very well could be looking to take two quarterbacks in the 2015 class, but FSU recruiting Johnson as an athlete and not a quarterback, if that is in fact true, is news to me. If that's true, I wonder if Johnson is aware of that, and how recently that was changed?

Is Francois' offer real? Or is it more of an offer to come to camp? I'm not so sure. Florida State has junior days coming up on February 22 and March 1.