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Florida State National Championship Celebration: Photos and Video

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All photos in gallery by Melina Vastola USA Today Sports.

Jimbo Fisher did jab a bit at Florida and Miami, but it doesn't show up in the following video. Specifically, he noted that Florida's grass seems to grow better in FSU's sod cemetery than any other grass, and that Miami caused FSU a lot of havoc for a long time and that FSU plans to repay that.

He noted that dominance over FSU's rivals has been a big part in establishing control of the state.

Jimbo seemed pretty loose after.

Winston talks baseball and 2014.

Jameis thanks the fans

If you have good photos or video of the celebration, please do upload them and post them in the comments.

What were your thoughts on the celebration? I've heard that for those that made it, it was great, but I saw many on twitter who couldn't get parking, and disappointment that FSU didn't open up the IM lots. It seems they really underestimated the fantastic turnout.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.