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Florida State football recruiting: Scouting some top 'Noles targets

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Landing even one of these elite targets would be a big victory for FSU.

Trent Thompson
Trent Thompson
Bud Elliott -- SB Nation Recruiting

Earlier this week, we established that teams in the BCS era that win National Championships bring in at least 50 percent four- and five-star prospects over the previous four classes. And Florida State under Jimbo Fisher has done just that, only being out-recruited by a handful of schools during his tenure.

Thursday, we take a look at some junior scouting reports for some of Florida State's top targets. It's a bit early for a recruiting board, as FSU's board is far from settled, but there are some prospects on whom FSU is very high.

First up is Trent Thompson, a fantastic defensive tackle prospect who I think has a much higher ceiling than former Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley. Thompson is from Georgia, and the Bulldogs have the lead over FSU, but Florida State is pretty clearly his No. 2. There is no prize for second place in recruiting, but FSU is in better position than almost anyone else here and is hard after Thompson.

Next is Kevin Tolliver II. Florida State has very little chance with the Jacksonville cornerback, as most view him as a lock to stick with his commitment to LSU. But he is one of the best corners I've scouted in years and is a major freak.

Also high on the board is Apopka offensive tackle Martez Ivey, for whom FSU also trails Florida at this early juncture. This will be a bit of a theme. Early on, many of the top players in the state are Florida fans, but it is indeed early, and nobody saw FSU landing Dalvin Cook, Ermon Lane, Travis Rudolph, Timmy Jernigan, etc., at the same point in their respective high school careers. I think Ivey has a very high ceiling, but he is not as polished as some.

Also: Jimbo Fisher has also offered Ricky Town, a QB from California committed to USC. I give FSU almost no shot to sign him, but if you want to read about him, here you go. And FSU recently offered Texas cornerback Kendall Sheffield, but most expect him to be an A&M - Texas battle.