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Florida State football NFL Combine results, updates

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We will update these more as they come out Today.

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Florida State has a bunch of players participating in the combine. Some have already gone through their timing and measurements over the weekend, and some are still up today.

Kelvin Benjamin made himself some real money over the weekend. The superstar receiver came in at 6'5, 240, with 101/4" hands and 34 7/8" arms. He had 13 reps on the bench, which is OK given his long arms, and he posted a very respectable 4.61 40-yard dash time. His 60-yard shuttle was 12.08, his 20-yard shuttle was 4.39, and his 3-cone drill was a 7.33. Those are all quite good, and definitely justify his decision to come out early.

Running backs Devanta Freeman and James Wilder, jr. went through their timing portions Saturday to mixed results.

Freeman came in at 5'8 and 206 pounds, which is about what was expected. He had 29 3/8" arms and 9 5/8" hands. His 40-yard dash was a 4.58, which isn't great, but isn't bad. And it was about as expected, considering Freeman is not an explosive back. He posted a 31.5" vertical jump and a 118" broad jump. His 20-yard shuttle was 4.26, and his 3-cone drill was 7.11. He did not bench. Freeman remains someone who I think will be drafted.

Wilder came in at 6'3, 232, with 32" arms and 9 3/4" hands. That's about what I expected, and he physically looked to be in great shape, as always. He also did 18 reps on the bench press. He broad jumped 121" and had an excellent vertical of 35". He benched 18. His 40-time was a horrendous 4.86, owing mostly to poor starts. He needs coaching on his 40-yard running form, but acceleration has never been his best trait. Unless he turns it around in a major way at pro day, Wilder lost money this weekend.

Center Bryan Stork came in at 6'4, 315, with 32 1/4" arms and 10 1/8" hands. Those are all very solid numbers for a center. Stork did not bench or work out, perhaps delaying to his pro day (this is common).

The following players are scheduled to work out Monday or Tuesday.

Timmy Jernigan came in at 6' 1 5/8", 299, with 31 5/8" arms and 9 5/8" hands. That 6'2" (rounded) number is probably important, and the arm and hand measurements confirm what we already knew: Jernigan is very good despite not being long. He benched 27 reps, which is good, but I thought he perhaps could get 30 given his shorter arms and build. Jernigan's 40-yard time was 5.09 and a 10-yard split of 1.72. His second run was a 4.93. If that stands, or his official were anything close to that, it's great.

Telvin Smith posted a solid 6'3, 218, with 10 1/4" hands and 32 1/2" arms. He can put on weight in the NFL, since they have better processes to put on mass. That's good length and hand size. Smith's first time was 4.48 in the 40, and his second was a blazing 4.41! His official time was 4.52.

Christian Jones came in at 6'3, 240, with 9 5'8" hands and 33 1/2" arms. That's excellent arm length and size. He ran a 4.63 40 on his first attempt, and a 4.60 on the second. Official time 4.74.

Terrence Brooks came in at 5'11, 198, with 9" hands and 31" arms. That's decent size. He ran a 4.41 unofficial on his first 40-yard dash. That is flying for a safety. His second was an excellent 4.43. His official was a 4.42.

Lamarcus Joyner came in at 5'8, 184, with 31 1'2" arms and 9 1/2" hands. That confirms what we have always said: Joyner's arms and hands are that of a much bigger player. His first time was a 4.53, which is very surprising. His second was a 4.54. But a 37.5" vertical jump and 14 bench press reps is a big deal.