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Thursday night's Bubble Watch

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FSU has the week off and can only sit back and watch as the bubble turns. Last night FSU fared well (see comments section) with seven of nine bubble teams losing. This raised FSU's at-large chances at Team Rankings from 34% to 38%, and bumped FSU to team No. 69 (first team out) in Joe Lunardi's bracketology.

Of course, this will all become moot if FSU doesn't take care of business vs Georgia Tech on Sunday, but for now, we sit and wait and hate on teams with similar resumes.

So, who to hate in Thursday's action?

(% chances of an at-large are in parenthesis)

Arkansas (13%) at Kentucky. The Hogs are on their last legs but a resume win at Kentucky would leapfrog them past several teams. Go Big Blue!

FIU at Southern Miss (47%). Southern Miss is a huge favorite in this game, so not much chance of the upset, but a loss would crush their at-large dreams.

Green Bay (16%) at Oakland. Green Bay will be the odds on favorite to win the Horizon League tournament and get the automatic bid, but a loss here would ensure that the Horizon is only a 1-bid league. Go Grizz!

Georgetown (29%) at Marquette (18%). This is a tough one as a team slightly behind FSU is guaranteed to pick up a quality win tonight. However, Marquette has a very manageable schedule down the stretch while the Hoyas get Creighton and Nova. I think we root for Georgetown to win tonight, and then lose their final two.

Oregon (32%) at UCLA. Game of the night. The Ducks and the Noles are neck and neck, and we really need them to drop this one. A big road win would put them several spots ahead of FSU.