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Georgetown Quotes and Numbers to Know

FSU played a non-ACC team last night which means we actually got to play at a pace that resembles basketball more than Risk. And FSU's offense flourished, scoring the most points against Georgetown than any team in 13 years and putting a Requiem on the Hoyas season.

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It was a somber press conference for Georgetown coach John Thompson III, as he had to deal with the end of a disappointing season and the loss of his tremendous senior guard, Markel Starks.

John Thompson III -

  • "They were making threes no matter what defense we threw at 'em. And, you know, that was part of the scout was try to take away the three, our guys just didn't do a good job of it today...we tried a little bit of everything and...nothing was really effective."

  • "When the season comes to an end every year it's hard because you walk in there and you got a bunch of guys who are pretty emotional right now."

  • "Markel, I said this the last month or so, is the hardest worker that I have coached. What he has given to try to make himself better, to try to make this team better...he's had a lot of nights like tonight where he's looked unstoppable...but he's one of these guys where he just wants to win. It's not about him, it's about wish you had another game to coach him. But that's life I guess." --An emotional Thompson III on what Markel Starks has meant to the team.

  • "The second half we made a few adjustments as it related to that zone they were playing." --On how they were able to score so easily in the second half.

  • "'They got guys that can shoot, you know that fellas. You got get out there and guard them!' But it was said much differently than that." --On what he told the team at halftime after giving up so many threes.

  • "Our guards have had a lot of responsibility, a lot of weight on their's no secret that everybody's game plan is to take them out of it."

  • "I didn't see Miller at the end of the game when you shake hands, but I just want to say to him that he's a terrific player. That's kid's a hell of a player that competes, he really competes."

Leonard Hamilton -

  • "Obviously those of you who have seen us play know that we have not played much zone and if you think back to the second half I guess you can see why."

  • We changed our defensive philosophy because Georgetown does a great job of executing their Princeton offense. And when you play against a Princeton offense sometimes they spread you and attack with a lot of back cuts and back door we just thought it was better for us maybe to give up something...but we hadn't intended to give up as much dribble drive as they got against our zone, so obviously we need a little more work in those areas."

  • "These are the same guys we had last year when they were freshman. I think they have worked hard to improve some of their skills and I think you're seeing the results."--On guys like Aaron shooting so well.

  • "With the team we have now against that type of system, it was obvious [we had to play zone]...those guys are very difficult to keep in front of you."

  • "That's a misconception when you think you can go to a zone and conserve energy. You gotta move just as quick and's just you can kind of protect the basket a little better, at least your zone supposed to be able to."

  • "We still have a long ways to go. I still think our inside guys...still have a lot of room for improvement. I think you'll see them grow up, mature, and you'll see us balance it out a little more."

  • "Bookert's now playing with a lot more confidence...his understanding of how to play with his teammates has improved tremendously."

  • "We didn't know until right before the game started and he said 'I feel pretty good.'" --On when they knew Ian Miller would play.

  • "[Louisiana Tech] is a very good, full-court pressing team...they are high-octane, full-court pressing, attacking type team. Last year they came in here and outplayed us in every facet of the game, so we have a tremendous amount of respect for them."

  • "Obviously we expended a lot of energy tonight and we have very little preparation time, but that's kind of the way it is when you're playing post-season games."

  • "Aaron is playing very well. He's playing with a lot of confidence, his shot selection is excellent, he's defending and rebounding very well...he's growing up and learning. Before you can make progress you have to go through the process."

  • "There's no doubt that Okaro is leading by example, Robert is giving good effort, and Ian is kind of a quiet leader, he doesn't say a whole lot but when he speaks the players listen. We were very disappointed that we lost our senior night game; we haven't lost very many in a number of years, so it would be nice to end their career at home with a victory." --On how well the seniors have responded to missing the NCAA Tournament and have led this team.

Numbers to Know:

1 - The number of times FSU has previously advanced to the NIT semi-finals/finals, doing so in 1997. They could double this number with a win against Louisiana Tech.

2 - The number of career highs Devon Bookert tied or set in the win over Georgetown.

3 - The number of ACC teams still playing basketball. Virginia is in the Sweet 16 and Clemson advanced to the NIT semi-finals.

6 - The number of weeks since FSU lost a game to a team who did not make the NCAA Tournament.

15 - The number of consecutive games in which Aaron Thomas has scored in double figures. He's averaged 17.4ppg during the stretch.

21 - The number of wins FSU has going into the Louisiana Tech game. This is the 5th time in the last 6 seasons FSU has won at least 21 games, and 6th time in the last 8 seasons. The Noles did not win 21 games in any season between 1994 and 2006.

22.8 - The percentage of possessions in which La Tech creates a turnover, good for 10th in the nation.

25 - The national rank of La Tech's defensive efficiency. That's the 8th best faced by the Noles this season.

46 - The national rank of FSU's offensive efficiency, the highest rank this late in the season since finishing 20th after the 2006-07 season.

70.9 - The number of possessions La Tech averages per game, which is 18th in the nation and would be tops in the ACC.

1900 - Tip-off time of the final home game for Okaro White, Ian Miller, and Robert Gilchrist.

5000 - The number of students President Barron paid for entry into the game.