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Florida State spring practice report: 3/26

Jimbo Fisher and his Noles continue their second week of spring.

Jeff Gammons

The Noles continued their spring Wednesday afternoon, adding a few more players to the non-dressed list. And special teams seemed to be a focus.

The following players were not dressed out or participating Wednesday: Tre Jackson, Rinald Darby, Nate Andrews, Ryan Green, Derrick Mitchell, Colin Blake and Justin Shanks.

Are, Daub and Cook continued their presence as they have all spring.

Karlos Williams, who was not dressed on Monday, wore pads Wednesday but added a green non-contact jersey, joining Tyler Hunter.

While working on punt coverage, the staff seemed very pleased with Karlos Williams and Jalen Ramsey as the gunners. But who wouldn't be?

They worked quite a bit on their goal line defense Wednesday, putting lots of bodies on the line. EJ Levenberry found his way onto the field during these walk-throughs, adding to te LB corps of Eligwe and Smith.

Kick coverage includes the following players: Jalen Ramsey, Reggie Northrup, Lamarcus Brutus, EJ Levenberry, Markus Eligwe, Terrance Smith, PJ Williams, Christian Green, Karlos Williams and Scooter Haggins. Looks like FSU losing te guys they have to the draft won't take away from a scary coverage team.

The Noles ran one-on-one board drills again on Wednesday and two people stood out to me, Keith Bryant and Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey is clearly taking the role left by Telvin Smith as the verbal motivator/trash talker, and he backs it up. Keith Bryant absolutely pancaked a couple people on the boards, and continues to look better and better every time I see him. I love him playing the 3-technique.

Jimbo Fisher will speak to the media after Wednesday's practice and I'll bring you any updates.