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Another crash for Florida State's Nick O'Leary: This time on a dirt bike


Wednesday update: I have confirmed through several sources that the dirt bike version of the story (see below) is mostly correct and that O'Leary is expected to miss the rest of spring football. I do not have confirmation on the exact injuries, other than that while they are enough to keep him out of spring ball, they are not serious or life threatening.

Original story from Tuesday

I've received several messages inquiring as to whether Florida State tight end Nick O'Leary had been in another motorcycle/scooter accident over the weekend. Ordinarily, I'd dismiss these offhand and not even address them, due to it being April Fool's day. But the first three mentions regarding the matter came late Sunday and early Monday, and it hasn't died down.

The rumor about which I'm being most consistently asked is that on Sunday, O'Leary, had to lay down his bike (one says it was a dirt bike and not a motorcycle or scooter) and lost a piece of his ear, and has bad enough road rash/burn on his back to keep him out for the rest of spring.

Let me stress that as of Tuesday afternoon, this is a rumor.

It very well could be connected to some sort of twisted April Fool's thing, but the timing of the initial messages, combined with nobody being able to remember O'Leary at Monday's scrimmage (see below) leads me to believe there could be more to the story.

A trusted source also believes there could be legs to this story.

I know someone who saw O'Leary on Saturday afternoon and at that point he certainly did not look to be injured.

But Tomahawk Nation's Dustin Tackett, as well as Chris Nee and Tim Linafelt of do not recall him being at the scrimmage Monday during the open viewing portion (and also do not recall him being with the injured players off to the side at the scrimmage).

Fisher was not asked about O'Leary after the scrimmage, nor did he offer any statement about the senior tight end.

And O'Leary was also not at the Capitol Tuesday as the team was being honored by the Florida House of Representatives.

Fisher's next availability will be Wednesday, and at that time he is sure to be asked about the situation then, unless the matter is cleared up sooner.

College football fans will recall that O'Leary, the grandson of golfer Jack Nicklaus, was in a horrific motorcycle crash nearly a year ago, which was captured by a camera on a city bus. Incredibly, O'Leary walked away from the crash with minimal injuries. The video is available below.

After that event, O'Leary swore off motorcycles and scooters.

"I'm done with them ... At least until I'm done playing football," he told the Palm Beach Post.

O'Leary is on pace to break nearly every tight end record at Florida State University. A three-year starter, he has amassed 973 career receiving yards and 11 touchdowns, with 557 and 7 coming in his junior year.