Ever since Florida State won the National Championship in football, we’ve all had to hear about how the Gators are the #everythingschool and that makes them being horrible in football fine by them. Well, seeing as I love all sports Florida State, I realized that Florida State’s sports outside of football aren’t exactly slouches themselves and quickly grew tired of hearing this.

Outside of the obvious advantage in leading Florida in the Director’s Cup, I decided to look at current rankings as well. I know we’ll continue to hear about the #everythingschool Florida and that Florida State only cares about football and baseball, because Florida fans don’t like facts, but here we go.

In sports that are finished, Florida State has had five top 10 finishes (football, women’s soccer, men’s indoor track and field, women’s cross country, and women’s volleyball), including one national championship (football). Meanwhile, in sports that are finished, Florida has also had five top 10 finishes (men’s basketball; men’s and women’s indoor track and field; and men’s and women’s swimming and diving) , but with no national championships.

In sports that are currently still in play, Florida State has another four top 10 teams (baseball, sand volleyball, men’s outdoor track and field, and softball). However, Florida has another five top ten teams (gymnastics; men’s and women’s outdoor track and field; women’s lacrosse; and softball).

Expanding a little, Florida State had an additional top 15 team (men’s swimming and diving) and have another two that are currently in the top 15 (men’s golf and women’s outdoor track and field). However, the Gators claim no other sports that finished top 15, but three (women’s tennis, baseball, and men’s tennis) that are currently in the top 15.

So, the #everythingschool comes out of having one team more ranked higher in the top 10 or top 15? I think that’s offset by Florida State actually having a national championship this year. So much for those bragging rights, Florida.

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