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Wide receiver recruit Larry Collins blowing up

The opening day of Jimbo Fisher camp allowed some insight into a number of talented football players, and wide receiver Larry Collins was a bright spot.

Within a group of wide receivers scattered with talented players, 2016 wide receiver Larry Collins stood out above the rest, dominating one-on-ones and capturing the attention of anyone in the immediate vicinity. Collins entered the event as a relative unknown to recruiting media, as he was unranked by all four major recruiting services as of Wednesday morning.

The 6'3 190-pound receiver out of Lower Richland High in South Carolina turned heads as he challenged everything the defensive backs group threw his way, and he never got beat.

His size and strength were obvious, but his technique was just as impressive. He showcased quick feet for a receiver his size and utilized a massive pair of hands and long arms to create separation off the line and corral anything thrown his way, leaving defensive backs frustrated. Collins also matched his big day with what appeared to be an impressive 40-yard dash.

Collins claims an offer from FSU, and is being recruited by Jay Graham. He also claims offers from Clemson, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Appalachian State.

"I'm definitely interested in Florida State," Collins said. "It was exciting to get an offer from a program like this, so I really wanted to come down here and check it out."

With his high school right around the corner from the University of South Carolina, it might be difficult to imagine him leaving the state of South Carolina. But this was his first trip to Florida State, and it appeared that he enjoyed his visit, as did his parents.

"This whole thing was a little new for me," Collins said, "But I wanted to come here and learn some new things, continue to get better as a receiver, and I think I did that. I've talked to some of the players and they seem really cool too, wanting to help me get better. That's something that I really appreciate."

Collins also plays basketball and runs track for Lower Richland, making him an unpleasant match-up for any defensive back. The sprinting technique makes for an impressive stride, while basketball has taught him the proper way to create space with his body, boxing-out defenders.

And while Collins won't be in Tallahassee for the remainder of Jimbo Fisher camp, he's definitely somebody to keep an eye on in the 2016 class.