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Gallery: Florida State Football facility renovation photos released

Florida State is in the midst of a complete renovation of its football facility, just a year after the completion of the indoor practice facility. This is, of course, all about recruiting. With Alabama putting a water fall in its locker room, Auburn having a setup allowing recruits to play video games on a ~400" screen, and Tennessee's absurd complex, it's all about keeping up with the Joneses.

And the National Champions have gone about doing so in a first class manner.

Director of Football Operations Mark Robinson tweeted out six images of the renovations, which are set to be done in seven weeks, with several portions being ready to show off to recruits who will be in town for the July session of the Jimbo Fisher football camp.

Recruits really aren't into classic looks as a whole. They like new and modern, and FSU has found a way to showcase its tradition in that fashion.

What are your thoughts on the pictures?