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Florida State's 2014 recruiting class arriving on campus: Gallery, facts and outlook on each

On Friday, Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher announced that all of Florida State's 2014 signing class is expected to qualify. That is huge news for the FSU program, as several students had to work hard down the stretch to make it in, and at the time of signing, few believed that all 28 signees would qualify.

Obviously, qualifying players is important. It's something that Florida State has done exceptionally well under Jimbo Fisher. But it's even more important because Florida State signed a lot of players who have extremely high ceilings, but who will need serious time in the college strength and conditioning program like Florida State's, and not that of a JUCO, to reach that potential.

In all, Florida State signed a quarterback, two running backs, three receivers, two tight ends seven offensive linemen, seven defensive linemen, three linebackers, two defensive backs and a long snapper. With 16 of the 27 position players (long snapper excluded for obvious reasons) being rated four-stars or better, it was one of the best classes in the country yet again under Jimbo Fisher.

Most of the class arrived over the weekend, and the rest will trickle in throughout the week. Five players enrolled for spring semester (Dalvin Cook, Trey Marshall, Kain Daub, Stephen Gabbard, Kareem Are).

Our gallery viewers will be able to find an interesting note or two on each player as they click through and familiarize themselves with each player. Those unique notes contain items like the player's current weight, intended jersey number, roommate, course of study, etc. We also speculate on who will receive early playing time, and who might be waiting a bit.

I also discuss each player's potential for early playing time. Given that the 2014 team is expected to be one of, if not the best team in the history of Florida State, many of the freshmen won't be getting a lot of playing time. But some will, and even those who aren't expected to get a lot of early playing time are going to need to be working hard for 2015, because Florida State stands to lose more off the 2014 team than any team in the school's history.

All "NFTC/Opening" photos courtesy of Student Sports