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FSU hoops attendance continues to be lame

Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA released attendance data for the 2013-14 basketball season today. Florida State drew an average of 6,285 fans, which is the lowest since the 2001-02 campaign that saw Steve Robinson's last place Noles drop home games to Western Carolina and American. Florida State was outdrawn by the last place teams in the Big Ten, the Big East, and the SEC.

The ACC finished behind the Big Ten in attendance, but had the best attended conference tournament.

FSU finished 7th in the conference standings at 9-9, but 12th in conference attendance, continuing a long and consistent trend.

Year ACC Standings Attendance ACC Attendance National Attendance
2014 7 6,285 12 82
2013 6 7,537 8 68
2012 3 8,541 7 51
2011 3 9,327 5 47
2010 3 7,336 10 70
2009 4 7,897 9 69
2008 7 7,639 10 73

Florida State finished 82nd nationally in attendance, sandwiched between Seton Hall (6-12 in the Big East) and Penn State (6-12 in the Big Ten). Notable teams which drew more fans that FSU included Big Ten loser Purdue (more than doubled FSU's average attendance), Hawaii, Georgia Tech, Weber State, Texas Tech, and the twin juggernauts of South Carolina and Auburn.