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Florida State football, recruiting news 06/24

Stacy Revere

-The No. 1 thing you must read today is Bill Connelly's tremendous preview of Florida State.This is a must read and a must share.

-In a follow-up to his fantastic piece on the use of GPS monitoring technology, ESPN's David Hale goes on the Jeff Cameron show and discusses how the story came about (starts at the 18:45 mark). Awesome stuff.

-Phil Steele has Florida State as one of 16 teams who can win the National Title according to his formula. I would strike Baylor, Iowa, Kansas State, Louisville, and Wisconsin, and perhaps a few more, because they do not recruit anywhere close to a 50 percent blue chip ratio.

-Brendan Sonnone, of the Orlando Sentinel, takes a look at how Florida State has pulled players from some of the best high schools -- schools with a winning culture and college-like worth ethic.

-Florida State football players are doing a "Life For Life" charity event to help fight Fanconi Anemia. This is something that Kevin Haplea, the transfer tight end from Penn State, was involved with at his former school, and he wanted to bring it here. I think it is awesome that he's become such a part of the FSU family after transferring in and having such a short career. If you recall, Haplea tore his ACL before the 2013 season and is returning for his final year in 2014.

-Tennessee landed tight end Kyle Oliver over the weekend, a Tennessee tight end FSU has declined to offer to this point. He trains with sophomore safety Jalen Ramsey's dad, and if FSU does end up offering, it might be able to flip him. It just seems FSU is not yet ready to offer at this point.

-Two recruits FSU does have a nice chance to land? Receiver Auden Tate, who is a big receiver and plays like a big receiver (not a lot of dancing of small-guy stuff), and safety Jamal Peters. Interviews with both at the links.

-Bob Stoops will now be joining the $5M club for the Sooners.

-Is the ACC the No. 3 conference? Some say yes.

-Yes, Noles news is back. Enough of y'all asked for it. It will be updated throughout the day and will serve as the comment hangout for the day for whatever y'all want to discuss.