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Florida State football, recruiting news 06/27

Stacy Revere

-4-star RB Jordan Scarlett has decommitted from FAU. EVeryone saw this coming, as him committing to FAU was a publicity stunt to generate interest in the program, at which his old high school coach, a man he views as a father figure, is now coaching. It worked to an extent, and FAU is recruiting very well for a Sun Belt team, but they won't be signing any top-100 players. FSU has offered Scarlett, and he's also interested on Miami, South Carolina and Ohio State. It is hard to tell exactly where he sits on their board, given that the Seminoles are also after Jacques Patrick and Johnny Frazier.

-The Orlando Senitnel discusses Jimbo Fisher developing quarterbacks. I think most of our readers already knew that he was good.

-Miami signed a JUCO LB. FSU had not offered him and is not in the market for a JUCO at that position.

-Can Clemson again win 10+ games? I think so. ESPN debates (intelligent, not crazy First Take style).

-Is the 1999 team the No. 2 team of the 90's? thinks so. And that's pretty good, since there is no debate about No. 1.

-Miami's starting QB Ryan Williams believes that he will be ready to start Week 1 coming off an ACL tear. I don't think much of Williams as it is, and am skeptical that he can come back that fast, but that a player of his (limited) talent was Miami's starter says a lot about the Hurricanes QB situation.

-This is a neat look on NFL success by ACC players and teams.

-Shakin The Southland is under new leadership.