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Kiel Turpin granted 6th year

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Streeter Lecka

Last season ended on April 7th when the Connecticut Huskies won their 4th national title.  FSU's season ended six days earlier, and during that season senior center Kiel Turpin played zero minutes due to lingering knee issues. Florida State filed the appropriate paperwork seeking a 6th year of eligibility for Big Turp long before the season ended, and the Noles were expecting a ruling in April. But the NCAA is the NCAA, and you never know what is going to happen. They granted a 6th year in a much more complex case just eleven days after the year ended, but for whatever reason they kept Turpin in limbo for nearly two months.

The good news is that ruling came out today, and Turpin will be back next year.

This bolsters FSU's front court, as Turpin was playing excellent basketball by the end of the 2012-13 season, and he followed that up with an excellent off-season before his knee issues began.

According to Leonard Hamilton, Turpin was nearing 100% health by last year's NIT tournament. He will participate in all off-season workouts with his teammates.