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Florida State football recruiting: Jimbo Fisher Camp Wednesday Updates

Florida State's Jimbo Fisher football camp begins Wednesday, and this is the recruiting event Florida State fans have been waiting for. The Seminoles are looking to sign about 24-27 players in the class (27 only if they have studs beating down their door). This event looks to be extremely loaded.

As we saw with the last camp, FSU is being very selective and stingy with some offers. Having a "road" game at Miami in front of many South Florida recruits, and the uncertainty swirling in Gainesville, may yield opportunities for FSU to be in a position to grab some players it otherwise would not have landed. It needs to have spots open later in the year and not be in a position which forces it to tell numerous commits to look elsewhere.

I previewed the offensive players early Tuesday, and the guys on the defensive side of the ball on Tuesday night. This will be your spot for live updates in the comment section.


11-2pm Registration
3:00pm Introduction
3:30pm Practice
7:00pm Games

9:30am-12 Practice
2:30pm-5 Practice
7:00pm Games

9:30am Practice
11:30am Checkout