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Florida State football, recruiting news 07/02

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

-Jameis Winston has reportedly purchased an insurance plan worth up to $10 million dollars according to Yahoo Sports. This isn't all that surprising as not many actually expect Winston to return to Florida State in 2015, despite what his father or Coach Fisher have said. Bud Elliott wrote a fantastic piece examining why many think this is Winston's last season as a Seminole quarterback.

-Speaking of Winston, he trusts his offensive lineman. Enough to perform trust falls on them... while they are asleep.

-Sporting News listed its Best 25 players for the 2014 college football season. Two Noles cracked the top 10. Do you guys agree or disagree with number one on the list.

-Clemson has the best defensive line in the ACC, writes ESPN's Andrea Adelson. Clemson does indeed have a fantastic D-line, but FSU has the best O-line in the conference and quite possibly the country. Not to mention the Seminole line held up just fine against Vic Beasley and the Tiger defensive front the last time these two teams met. says Florida State is the #2 school with the best claim to be "Running Back U". Hard to argue with #1 on this list.