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Florida State football facility improvements: Photos, videos, updates

All photos distributed by Florida State and its employees via social media as promotional items, stills from promotional Youtube video, or taken by Tomahawk Nation contributors.

Update: Dustin Tackett will be on the media tour at Noon Wednesday of the new facilities. He'll have updates in the comments section, and please do follow him on twitter @dtackett_.

The promotional video below may or may not be available to you (this is an FSU issue, not a Tomahawk Nation issue), but we have the stills in our gallery.

And one from the Democrat

Seminole Boosters, Inc. and Florida State Athletics will be announcing a Champions Campaign in conjunction with the university’s larger comprehensive campaign, which will be formally announced in October. Seminole Boosters and FSU Athletics will host a press conference this Wednesday (July 30) at noon in the Moore Athletic Center (currently scheduled for the museum space on the first floor) to detail the fund raising campaign. Stan Wilcox and Andy Miller will address the media and formally announce the campaign.

Previously: Florida State is upgrading its football facility, locker room, and installing its new logo all over the indoor practice facility and elsewhere. Jimbo Fisher spoke at length about the importance of keeping the facilities top notch at the recent media days.

Of course, this is for recruiting. Fisher spoke during ACC media days of how when you first walk into a business, or a person's home, the first impression you have of them matter a lot. And Fisher wants the first impression, no matter what entrance they take into Florida State's football facilities, to be first class. And first class when it comes to recruits tends to err on the flashy side of things. You probably would not allow a 17-year-old boy to decorate your home, but FSU has to decorate to cater to that age group.

But it's also for the players after they have been recruited. Fisher spoke of how he cannot demand championship-level effort from his players, asking them to go the extra mile, and demand that from his coaching staff, if the program is not doing the same for them.

With the new facilities upgrades, FSU should have facilities that are competitive with many of the top teams in the country. But as Fisher noted at ACC media days, it cannot stop, because as soon as you stop, some other program passes you up.