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ESPN: Employee's tweet about punching Jimbo Fisher was 'inappropriate'

Stacy Revere

Monday, Florida State's Jimbo Fisher made the rounds at ESPN as part of the network's annual "car wash," a program in which a prominent sports figure is interviewed by a number of ESPN platforms -- TV, radio, web, etc. It was about the time of Fisher's appearance on ESPN's First Take TV program that Natasha Rose, an ESPN employee, sent the following tweet, which was picked up by several media outlets, including Tomahawk Nation, monitoring social media for anything involving ESPN and Fisher:

Not surprisingly, this sent Florida State fans on social media into a bit of a fit, and I reached out to Rose and ESPN, for comment. Rose did not respond, but did delete the tweet several hours later. ESPN issued a short response.

From Mike Humes, ESPN Publicist:

The tweet did not represent ESPN. While we understand our employees are some of the most passionate sports fans, the nature of the comment was inappropriate and we are addressing it with her.

Rose, I'm told, is not a producer of any show, but rather a production assistant focusing on features and segments for a variety of shows. She does not work specifically with college football. Her LinkedIn profile shows her as being educated at NYU and SUNY Albany, and as of Monday morning, her twitter account has several tweets or retweets relating to the Miami Hurricanes.