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Florida State football, recruiting news 08/12

Stacy Revere

-Jalen Ramsey was back at practice yesterday after being sent out of Sunday's practice for being too physical. Jimbo Fisher had nothing but good things to say about Ramsey Monday afternoon and even admitted he made a mistake with some comments he made to the media. Like we had noted before, Ramsey is a really competitive player, that plays the game with a tremendous edge. Very similar to Lamarcus Joyner and Jameis Winston, both who have also been kicked out of practice before under Fisher. Fights and skirmishes happen all the time in practice, but in most cases these practices are closed, so the fans/media don't see them. I'm glad the situation was handled and now the team can move forward.

-Jared Shanker wrote a nice piece on how he thinks the Ramsey situation could end up benefiting Florida State this season. Ramsey is undoubtably a great player that is very vocal. My question is if he is vocal in the right way. What I mean by that is if he uses his vocality in a positive light to encourage and motivate his teammates, like Lamarcus Joyner, Telvin Smith, and Terrance Brooks did a season ago. We all know Ramsey likes to talk, but does he use it to benefit the defense? That will be seen here in 2014.

-The Noles were ranked #1 in ESPN's initial 2014 power rankings. Joining FSU on the list were Notre Dame and Clemson at 15 and 16 respectively.

-In some recruiting news Florida State picked up a stud RB recruit in 4-star Johnny Frasier (5'11, 200) Monday afternoon. Frasier is listed as the #1 running back in this class according to Florida State beat out the likes of Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, Ohio State, and Notre Dame amongst many others. This is a big time get for the Noles and they are in route to a phenomenal recruiting class for 2015.

-Tallahassee Democrat columnist Corey Clark writes about Rashad Greene's respect. Excellent piece here.