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Tomahawk Nation Preseason Poll

The top 10 teams in college football as ranked by Tomahawk Nation readers.

Kevork Djansezian

Why leave the rankings in the hands of writers and coaches? This is your chance to participate in the Tomahawk Nation Preseason Poll. You will be ranking the top 10 teams. There are no guidelines or criteria that you have to follow when filling out your ballot. Make sure not to select a team more than once, there's plenty of reminders. Also, be sure to select a team for each ranking. A blank will not let you submit the form.

Not every college football team is included in the drop down lists. Because, well, Georgia State doesn't belong in the discussion. There are plenty of teams to select from to fill out a top 10.

The more people that participate, the more data we'll get to look at, the better the ranking. This is a trial run. If everyone likes it, we'll bring back more this year.

The ballot is open. It will close tonight at midnight. We'll publish the results tomorrow. If everything works right, there should be graphs and charts and cool analysis of what teams everyone selected and where.

Click here to participate in the Tomahawk Nation Preseason Poll.

If you want a reference for current rankings, here's the AP Poll and the Coaches Poll.