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Tomahawk Nation's Welcome Back College Football Game Thread

Sure, FSU doesn't play until Saturday night. But there's football on. GLORIOUS FOOTBALL.

Relax, football is back.
Relax, football is back.

Tonight kicks off the first games of the 2014 season. Well, there was a game last night between two bad teams. But they were both bad so that helped make the game great. Actually, it was horrible and great and why we love college football so much. If you missed it, catch up here.

This is your link to all the games, times, networks and blogs and everything for this weekend. Click it, it is beautiful.

First game is Texas A&M at South Carolina. If you don't have the SEC Network, calmly pick up your phone and SCREAM AT YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER until they do something about it. Tell them PAAAWL and Tebow on your screen at one time is football nirvana. Yes, lie if you have to.

In the ACC, we get to check in on Wake as they take on Louisiana-Monroe. How will they be this year? Bad or more like, "woah, that's not even football" bad. Don't forget Ole Miss and Boise State in Atlanta. There's more games on than that, but that's the highlights. We'll likely use this thread for tomorrow night's games as well.

Later tonight I'll post the Tomahawk Nation Top 10 . There is still math to be done. Just glancing, HUGE SURPRISE, it looks like Florida State got the first place rank.