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Florida State football, recruiting news 9/1

Welcome to September, Florida State fans. As a quick programming note, the content schedule on Tomahawk Nation will be a bit more drawn out than usual, thanks to Labor Day and the lack of preview material on the coming Citadel game.

That, and we already posted 15 stories/videos from the Oklahoma State game. They are all on the front page, so please do check them out.

Jimbo Fisher's press conference is at 1 EST Monday. We will have live updates.

Let's get to good reads on Florida State and CFB in general.

-Spencer Hall on playoff teams. Again, way too early, and he acknowledges it unlike some out there.

-Bill Connelly on Georgia taking apart Clemson. Very well done, of course.

-General CFB column by Matt Hinton. Nice read, specifically this perspective.

But the doom-and-gloom narrative really only makes sense on a curve that expects the defending champs to obliterate all comers in perpetuity.
OSU had the ball on three occasions in the second half with a chance to tie or take the lead, and it didn't come close to scoring on any of them.
Florida State, meanwhile, may not be the irresistible force the preseason hype suggested, but it will take more than a relatively close call against a quality opponent to convince me that FSU is actually vulnerable.

-247's Citadel preview ($): Citadel is an option team, throwing only eight passes in a loss to Coastal Carolina. If I were Jimbo Fisher, I would absolutely sit corner P.J. Williams, who told us after the game that his hamstring is not fully there.

-Orlando Sentinel's stats look at Okie State. We'll have ours out soon looking at a different set of numbers.